4 Crucial Questions to Ask Before You Buy Land

Buying land involves simple steps that, when followed to the core, you become the new land owner. However, most people often like to assume things and fail to ask questions when purchasing land, and they end up with the wrong information. Being a vast purchase you are making, you must ensure you confirm all the details of the land before committing. You need to know many things, and if you are dealing with a reputable company such as LandProz Real Estate LLC, they will be able to respond to all your questions regarding the property you are interested in. Furthermore, they have numerous lands that you can choose from and which will meet your needs. This article outlines critical questions you must ask before buying land.

1. What is The Chain of The Title Deeds of This Land?

This is a very critical question you need to ask as it helps you locate the real owners of the land and avoid getting scammed. Most people assume that the first person they come into contact with advertising the land is the owner, which often isn’t. However, if you are dealing with land real estate company Taylor County IA, it’s easy to know and review their reputation. There are some instances where the previous owner is deceased and never left the land in anyone’s care, which makes the chain of title a little bit messy and clouded.

To verify that the land is legit, you need to ask the current seller to send you a copy of the title deed that you should check with the land commission or county’s website to verify that they own the land. You will need the assessor’s parcel number to help search for the information. Even though there are charges that you can incur, they are better than having to lose the whole amount to scammers.

2. Is the Property in an POA or HOA?

Before purchasing any property, it’s critical to know if the property you are interested in is part of a POA or HOA. This helps you estimate the annual fee and know the restrictions and Property use you should know about. Understand that the POA and POA will not be in the county’s treasurer’s system, which makes it vital to contact POA or HOA directly to know the arrears on the property. If the owner is unsure if the property is in HOA or POA, you might be required to contact the county and use the APN to know.

3. Does the property have Back Taxes?

Another question that most people forget to ask until it’s too late is about the back taxes. After confirming the land owner, you need to confirm the back taxes, debt owned by the property, or liens. This helps ensure you don’t get stuck with a property you love but has thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars owned on it.

4. What Can You Use the Land For?

Never forget to inquire about the limitation of using the land before buying. There are many things that you can do with your new property. However, you might face zoning and POA/HOA that can restrict you. Some classifications of using vacant land include residential, recreational, and undeveloped.

Last Words!

The above are vital questions you must ask the seller and confirm the answers to ensure you don’t get scammed. Always transact with reputable companies and consult with experienced realtors to ensure you get the right property and leave no details unchecked.

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