4 Classic Seiko Watches You Should Get. If There’s Anything We’re Warning

For some, the “Christmas” season has already started in the Philippines. Although it’s far from the holiday cheer and season for some of us, it’s not too early! Some of us will want to look at the best classic Seiko watches you should get. If there’s anything we’re warning you about, we love Seiko and admire Seikos’ releases. The Japanese brand has a lot to offer.

However, what are Seiko’s timeless watches on its roster? Answering with a few watches from the wide Seiko roster is not enough to do Seiko justice as a brand. Rather, there are some watches that just purely define Seiko – as well as the time period that it was released in. 

Here are some of the best recommendations Seiko has in terms of classic watches: 

Seiko 6309

Seiko Philippines? It certainly rings a bell! 

The Seiko 6309 should be included on the top Vintage Seiko watches. It’s blessed with a strong automatic movement, a power reserve of forty-seven (47) hours, and, as Seiko puts it, “highly stabilized accuracy and high reliability.” It’s quite a wanted watch – especially among scuba divers, too.

Overall, the Seiko 6309 is a designated “go anywhere” timepiece perfect for being the lone timepiece in one’s collection. Its design versatility is one of the reasons why it is on top of our list! 

Seiko SMW004A Metronome

Watch complications come in several variations. They go from traditional to contemporary, whimsical to necessary. The Seiko SMW004A Metronome, however, marries rhythm and timekeeping.

It is a fun piece to use and look at: it’s got a metronome function, and the size is great, as it is easy to wear. In addition, the Seiko SMW004A Metronome comes in plenty of colors you can choose from, making it easy to pair with outfits. 

Consider these from the Seiko SMW004A Metronome, though: it’s a piece that makes reading the time harder. It also does not have a lume. 

Seiko 6139 Pogue

The Seiko 6139 Pogue is a watch for the ages. It’s a watch you can stare at because its yellow and golden form can be and mean so many different things simultaneously. One moment, it’s the sun. The next, it can be visually akin to mustard. However, what makes it so timeless is how its color choice and design echo significantly the 70s-80s – a time of color and many things happening. It’s a comfortable, stylish watch- built for function. 

In 1973, Bill Pogue snuck this watch aboard Skylab 4 in his pocket, which cemented the watch’s reputation as being the first watch in space. Pogue had bought the unit with $71.50 of his own money. 

If you buy it, get it for its gold dial and rich space history. 

Seiko 6138 “Panda” or “Kakume”

Did you know? “Kakume” means square eyes in Japanese! What gives the Seiko 6138, better known as the “Panda” and “Kakume,” is its square sub-dials! The square sub-dial presents this model with a very unique look. The unit is also called the Big Blue, thanks to its design. 

With the Seiko 6138, you can encounter 6138-0030 and 6138-0031. Moreover, based on watch catalogs already released, the unit was around as early as 1972/1973. 

The 6138, one of the most famous automatic chronograph movements, powers the unit. It’s also got a manual winding feature and hour and minute registers. 

And last but not least, the watch boasts a date and the day of the week display!

Wrapping Up

Seiko is a grand brand associated with elegance, class, and status. Moreover, it also stands for the Japanese craftsmanship. These watches encapsulate the essence of the brand.

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