3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Portable Vaporizer

As regulations shift towards cannabis acceptance, new products and ways for using natural CBD and THC compounds have been introduced into the market. Aside from traditional means of smoking cannabis, portable vaporizers have become a popular and means of enjoying the organic extracts, as well as natural herbs. But with that popularity have come many varieties of styles, which can be intimidating to beginners. Here, we will look at three things to consider when choosing a portable vaporizer, plus some pros and cons of different styles.

1. Different Power Supply Options

Whether you’re new to portable vaporizers or are already a vape enthusiast, there’s always much to learn. However, when researching the best portable vaporizer for your needs, the best strategies remain the same. While some people vape dry herbs, using vape oil and concentrates are equally popular. But no matter the preference, the vaporizer’s features can have direct effects upon vapor quality

With that in mind, consider the power source of a portable weed vape, and how it affects the draw resistance, potency, and airflow of each dose. Both dry herb vaporizers and oil-based vapes function with the same power sources. Typically, no matter the portable vaporizer, the power is based on two variations: butane or direct heat. Along with design sleekness, a butane torch provides faster heat and precise temperature control. However, the only downside is that the butane gases that provide that quick heat can also combine with the organic vapor compounds during inhalation. This detracts from the best vapor quality and overall vaping experience.

The other vaporizer power supply is electricity. Using electric, the heating system and temperature control runs off a rechargeable battery with a USB accessory. Depending upon the vaporizer’s battery size, these sleek models are easily carried in the palm of your hand (such as a “pocket vape,” or “compact vape”). Pen vapes are particularly popular in this portable style. Whether you’re looking for the best portable dry herb vaporizer or oil variation, a battery-powered unit is the best way to maximize mobility (as well as high temperature), a main reason for its popularity. If you go with this style, be sure to read feedback on the model’s battery life. With any portable vape, better battery life and, ultimately, higher temperatures are indicators of quality.

2. The Many Different Prices of Vapes

Shopping for a portable vape is like buying any other electronic device. You should research its ease of use and durability, the accessibility of replaceable batteries and accessories, and finally, the cost. As with laptop shopping, consider if you need just one vaporizer or a second vape for everyday home use. In that case, your primary portable vaporizer should be a high-end, durable model. Many expensive vapes with state-of-the-art features cost over $500, and are typically for experienced enthusiasts. However, the best value for a beginner’s vape is often in the $50 to $100 price range. However, you may want to upgrade later on. Due to a little bit of a learning curve, the “cheapest vaporizer method” is a favorite strategy among beginners.

With so many portable vaporizers on the market, you can estimate cost by its features, such as different temperature settings, stainless steel construction, or a durable glass mouthpiece—all worthy add-ons. Often, electric vapes are a little bit higher in price due to their lightweight, portable sleekness, full control, and potential for the best vapor. Additionally, the small size requires smaller batteries, so battery life per single charge could be an issue. However, vaporizer with a swappable battery can be cost-efficient and an excellent choice. Temperature settings can make your dry herbs or oils last longer, but that heating element can add to the overall price. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

3. Vape Brand Reputation

When researching for the best vape, the only thing that can make or break a purchase is the reputation of the manufacturer. The rise in vaping popularity has led to many new companies making portable vaporizers, all promising quality, smooth vapor, and ease of use. A premium vaporizer should be as good as the manufacturer that markets it. A great way to learn the pros and cons of any vape you’re considering is researching the brand’s reputation.

Note examples of the vaporizer’s best results for potent vapor and potential downsides, as well as the company’s policy on lifetime warranty guarantees and their dedication to build quality products. Direct contact to customer service could be important. By consulting an authorized dealer at your local vape, you’re sure to get the best results for your search for the perfect vaporizer.

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