10 Useful Healthcare Apps Developed by Leading Software Developers

Technology has made people’s lives easier, which was impractical ten years ago. For patients, numerous healthcare developers are producing mobile apps.  These kinds of reliable, easily accessible options enhance people’s lives.

Cost, nuisance value, trust difficulties, etc., once prevented patients from seeing doctors. The rise of healthcare applications has encouraged patients to seek professional help from home. Some healthcare apps help experts navigate enormous resources.

This article lists the most highly rated health care apps. You may learn about each app’s different services and find the one that best suits you.

Why Do You Need to Use Healthcare Apps?

Advanced healthcare apps let patients access professional support. Each patient must provide data related to their requirements before accessing the apps. The tools test patients’ conditions and bring in professional help.

The essential part of these apps is that they treat every patient as a unique case and showcase customized subsistence. At the same time, these apps are protected under HIPAA privacy rules and the HIPAA Privacy Rule. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) requires the policies.

It has influenced their willingness to reveal their most private information. These applications allow physicians to treat patients more effectively by gaining insight into their personal lives.

Patients don’t keep secrets when communicating with doctors via the app. Many people don’t feel comfortable revealing everything about themselves to a doctor in person. Due to all these facilities, the use of healthcare apps is aggravating.

What Are Useful Healthcare Apps?

  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)

This EHR software system is dedicated to collecting data from patients. This app stores patients’ personal information, medical history, prescriptions, and doctor’s recommendations. The app’s restricted information ensures HIPAA security rules. This program integrates data across hospital departments.

  • Two types of EHR software are available – electronic medical records and patient records.
  • The former is used to maintain patients’ medical information. While the latter documents hospital operations for patient recovery.
  • Telemedicine Software

This software allows you to order medical services remotely, and you do not need to visit a doctor in person. This app provides an alternative to seeing a doctor in person. Patients can get all emergency services online.

The app holds HIPAA privacy laws regarding information between doctors and patients.

It has received high acceptance from doctors and patients. It is due to its contribution to increasing service accessibility and data security.

  • Genesis

Genesis is another innovative healthcare app that aids patience and gives DNA-based advice. It also ensures that patients obtain prescriptions based on their DNA information.

The app emanates lifestyle advice, food nutrition, supplement recommendations, etc., analyzing DNA characteristics. It also protects privacy laws in healthcare by providing safe, secure, and achievable action plans.

  • Apps like 23 and Me and Ancestry.com give individualized health information based on DNA.
  • This program aids people without DNA by providing knowledge and lifestyle tips.
  • This app also maintains HIPAA rules in storing patients’ data. 
  • This app’s genetic expert guarantees every patient’s advice is backed by science.


This app enables patients to conduct face-to-face meetings with doctors. The services in this app are cheap and prompt.

  • Teladoc serves the purpose of HIPAA to retrieve, use, and store patient data. Healthcare professionals require approval to analyze private data.
  • This app offers many channels to communicate with doctors. Patients choose communication channels such as calls, messages, or chat, which are convenient for them.
  • Doctors can prescribe drugs and connect patients to pharmacies. If required, doctors also arrange for the patient to communicate with the pharmacy of their choice. 
  • The app extracts patients’ data and medical history using Apple HealthKit. It has allowed the app to deliver patients one of the most effective diagnoses.
  • Medisafe Pill & Med Reminder

The Medisafe Pill & Med Reminder helps you track your medication. Usually, patients mismanage medicine timing once they start the treatment.

Once you put all the required information on your prescription, it will alert you. This app includes health measurement trackers, doctors’ appointments, and many more.

  • Prevention Task Force

The app lets doctors access many resources in their professional areas. This tool helps clinicians accurately analyze patient data.

It gives doctors medical advice, counseling, examinations, and medicine. This software manages patient medications. Furthermore, the patient’s data can be retrieved upon request, which ascertains the HIPAA privacy law. 

  • Skyscape Medical Library

This app allows medical professionals—doctors, nurses, and others—to get medical data. It shares many resources, such as books, journals, and medical documents.

While utilizing the information, the professionals can change and store data as required. This app also has a clinical calculator.

  • Better Help

This online counseling app is a trailblazer in online medical services. It gives you access to over 3000 licensed mental health professionals.

It is a requirement by HIPAA that all patient data must be kept secret between medical providers and patients. Thus, this app is 100% secure.

  • Health care providers give thorough online video chats to depressed and stressed individuals. Such a prospect makes the patient feel confident enough to open up about their mental health condition.
  • Moreover, this app keeps every patient as a unique case, offering personalized medical service.
  • Eyecare Live 

As the name suggests, this app provides the best eye care service through video calls. This software recommends eye experts based on your input.

Patients have to record their eye condition and upload it to the app. After analyzing the needs, doctors video contact patients to learn more and prescribe.

  •  Heal 

With the Heal app, you can get the ultimate opportunity to house-call physicians. This software lets doctors visit patients at home to assess their health and lifestyle.

When doctors visit patients at home, it will help them to get a holistic view of patients’ states. Medical practitioners are dedicated to reducing COVID-19 virus transmission.

The effort to minimize infection has led to the popularity of Heal app. Of course, this app proceeds under the HIPAA overview and policy.


Software developers work hard to increase patients’ appropriateness and service availability. Different organizations use technology to bridge the gap between patients and doctors. So, utilizing a smartphone can improve health care.

With the patient privacy act maintained in the apps, the stress of information mishandling has been lessened. All these features may inspire you to share your problems via one of the apps discussed above.

These apps can’t replace annual check-ups and doctor visits. With all these conveniences at home, you may assume you don’t need to visit the hospital, but you should see doctors twice a year.

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