Why Is It Worth Choosing Nanodegrees?

Nanodegrees are gaining increasing popularity among professionals who want to climb up the career ladder, but don’t have enough spare time to participate in regular courses, and studies. What exactly are nanodegrees, who can benefit from them and why is it worth choosing this form of education? Keep reading to learn more!

Nanodegrees – what are they?

Nanodegrees are specialized courses that help you develop in-demand skills in specific areas, such as information technology. They’re typically shorter than traditional Master or Bachelor’s degree programs and focus on providing you with practical, real-world skills, and experience that can help you get ahead in your career.

This form of education is becoming more and more popular among specialists who want to improve their qualifications.

Who can apply?

It’s worth mentioning that anyone who is interested in the field of study covered by the nanodegree program can apply. There are no limitations. Moreover, usually there are no prerequisites for nanodegrees, although some may require prior coursework or experience in the field.

At this point, it’s also crucial to note that the most popular nanodegrees revolve around computer science, engineering, and business. Therefore, if you specialize in one of these areas and you’d like to expand your skills, the discussed form of education may be the right fit for you.

What are the benefits?

Some benefits of nanodegrees include:

  • the possibility to complete them in a shorter period of time. Typically, nanodegrees take from 6 months to a year. For this reason, participating in them is much more doable for many specialists who are juggling a lot of different responsibilities,
  • the curriculum is usually more concise and up-to-date, since it focuses only on the most relevant and cutting-edge information,
  • the learning process is often more hands-on and project-based, which can be more engaging and effective for learners,
  • the price is often much lower than traditional degree programs, which makes nanodegrees a much more affordable option,
  • They give professionals a chance to climb up the career ladder and obtain necessary skills, and knowledge to become experts in the industry.

The takeaway

Nanodegrees are a unique and practical form of education ideal for everyone who already has some knowledge of a given subject, but wants to expand their expertise. Since they’re much shorter than traditional Bachelor or Master’s degrees, they’re recommended to all learners who would like to acquire new skills, but have limited time resources.

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