Why Do I Need a Federal Defense Attorney, and Why Are They Important?

If you have been charged with a crime, you need to sort out your legal counsel to ensure you are protected, represented, and defended in a court of law. Since the other side, the prosecution will have a professional who is arguing against you, you need someone educated and well-versed on your side to help you fight during a trial.

Although you may be innocent and feel like your case is clean-cut, there are many issues within the legal system that can make it easy for prosecutors to find a loophole and charge you if you do not have the proper defense. The best case in this instance is to do some research and find a trustworthy defense team that can help you win your case.

Why do I need a federal defense attorney?

Before you go to trial, you need to hire a top-notch defense team, including a federal defense attorney. If you are searching for reputable businesses with the perfect attorney for you, like the Spodek Law Group, make sure you do some research about the best options in your area before paying for a professional.

A federal attorney is a professional lawyer who deals with criminal or civil cases. This professional advocates for the person accused, making sure to fully argue their case in court and provide sufficient evidence to make a case against the opposing side, the prosecution.

Evaluate the case

One of the first things a federal defense attorney will do in your case is assessing the case, meaning going over the evidence, the charges brought against you, any witnesses of the incident, and police reports. The role of this professional begins long before the trial, making sure to get all their ducks in a row to best prepare for the detailed trial.

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Handling pleas

Your federal defense attorney will typically get in touch with the defense attorney to make an offer for a plea bargain, a tactic that involves the defendant, you, pleading guilty and getting lesser charges due to “admitting” to the crime. If you want to make sure you have a reduced sentence or avoid jail time completely, sometimes taking a plea can be the best way to go.

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Trying the case

The third step of the federal defense attorney is to try the case, which means they will either accept the plea deal or go to trial with the evidence they have gathered on your side. During the court case, your federal defense attorney will fully argue your side, prevent evidence they have collected during the pretrial period, and persuade the judge and jury that you are innocent of the convicted offenses.

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As you can see, the federal defense attorney has multiple roles and jobs in defending your case in trial. With their job starting way before the actual trial date, gathering evidence, and getting your argument together, this professional plays a crucial role in reducing your sentence or getting you out of jail entirely.

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