Why Do Doctors Wear Blue Gloves During Surgeries? 

The question as to why doctors wear blue gloves when performing surgeries continue to trouble many people. Concerning the blue color, it’s believed that doctors can have a clear view of red blood and other body parts or fluids when they are wearing blue gloves and general theater attire. That is why everything which they wear while doing surgery is blue.

When performing surgeries, medics wear protective attire to keep them safe from human body fluids, secretions, urine, or other chemicals that are used while carrying out the surgical procedure. One of these protective clothing is the cloves. It’s important to protect yourself when handling patients, even when dealing with one who seems to be in good general health. Gloves protect both the patient and also the medical practitioner from infections.

Scenarios where you should wear gloves

Surgical gloves are different from general medical examination gloves because they are sterilized. They are also packaged in a manner that makes it almost impossible for germs to get inside them, and this helps to ensure that no transmissions occur between the patient and the care providers. The instances that warrant you to wear gloves are many and varied. However, you should wear it anytime you are touching blood, broken skin, mucous membranes, body fluids, body tissues, and when you are touching blood. Anytime you are experiencing this kind of contact, you should make sure that you have gloves on.

What material are surgical gloves made of?

The blue surgical gloves are made from high-quality rubber, which is a medium-strength material that has been proven to prevent the passage of infections from one person to another.

Why it is important to choose the right size of gloves

Disposable surgical gloves should be available in any room where emergency care is offered. But for health care professionals, it makes a difference when you have the right size of gloves to be used for surgical purposes.

Oversized gloves make it hard to hold objects such as scalpels and could make fluids and bacteria enter. Conversely, excessively smaller gloves could rip, and this could expose you to germs and infected body fluids. The good thing with these sterilized gloves is that they come in numbers, so it’s possible to know your number ahead of time.

In case you are handling detergents or any other kind of liquids that are used in the surgical room, make sure that you have read the safety data, and ensure that the sterilized blue surgical gloves can withstand them. It’s imperative not to use lotions or oil-based hand creams unless they have been approved for use with surgical gloves.

How to buy surgical gloves

When you want to order surgical gloves, understand that there is a number of reliable suppliers online. However, just like it’s the case while ordering other medical products, you need to confirm that they meet the right quality. Also, check to ensure that they are of the right size. You can use the numbers that are shown on the packaging of the gloves to choose the size that suits you better.

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