Why An Automated Pipetting Robot Is the Need of The Hour

Robotics technology has seen a significant leap in recent years. Many advanced laboratories are using intuitive automated pipetting robots to manage optimum liquid handling for titration and other purposes.

The life sciences labs are reaping a lot of benefits by deploying such automated pipetting robots in their liquid handling line. Pipetting is an important task in labs, and it takes up a lot of time in the testing facility if done manually. Liquid handling robots, like flowbotTM ONE, are extremely efficient at pipetting activities, and these allow for a higher level of efficiency in the lab environment.

Pipetting is the technique of using a pipette to precisely measure and transfer a very small amount of liquid sample in milliliters (mL) or microliters (μL) units. Incorporating an automated pipetting robot will help your lab manifolds.

Let us look at the top reasons why you should use an automated pipetting robot for efficient liquid handling in a lab.

Automate Lab Workflow

Automated pipetting robots are a boon in today’s lab scenario. These robots come with an easy-to-use user interface, and their intuitive nature allows anyone to operate them. If you are a new lab technician, you can also learn to utilize a liquid handling robot in less than an hour and improve your lab efficiency.

Higher Degree of Precision

Liquid handling robots or automated pipetting robots provide excellent precision and increased operational output. Also, deploying automated pipetting robots can eliminate the chances of human errors and ensure a higher degree of precision.

Automated Pipetting Robots Are Easy to Use

Automated pipetting robots are easy to program according to the requirements of your specific laboratory scenario. Even if you have a different requirement for liquid handling and pipetting, you can easily program the automated pipetting robot and use it for the next task.


Incorporating robots for pipetting operations in a lab is one of the best ways to achieve efficiency and free up manpower. You can utilize these robots in the liquid handling line and utilize your manpower for other value-added tasks.

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