Which Type of Hanuman Idol Is Good for Home?

According to Hindu mythology, there are thousands of Devi-Devtas (God and Goddesses) that are worshiped. Each God and Goddess is a symbol of some kind of positive energy that brings luck, prosperity, and wealth to your life.

Lord Hanuman is considered to be the symbol of strength. But according to Vastu, you will also find detailed information on which type of idol must be kept in homes for positive energy.

This article will enlighten you about which particular idol of Pavanputra you should place in your homes, along with their position and the advantages it has. So, if you want to know all these details, scroll down and keep reading this article.

According to Hindu mythology, Tuesday is regarded as the day devoted to worshiping Lord Hanuman. On Tuesdays, worshippers maintain a fast, visit temples and reside in the Hanuman Chalisa to keep all the evil energy away from their lives.

It is believed that chanting in the Chalisa provides strength to a human to fight all the evil in their lives and overcome all the obstacles that stop them from moving forward.

Panchmukhi Hanuman Ji Idol (Five-faced Idol)

According to Vastu, keeping a Panchmukhi Lord Hanuman Idol in the house will keep evil energy away from your homes. It is said that the home that keeps this idol at the right place will never suffer from any problems and that Goddess Lakshmi will bless the house with wealth and prosperity.

You will find many types of Lord Hanuman Idols, but each has a different purpose and value. Most commonly, people prefer keeping a Panchmukhi idol at the entrance of their homes to keep negative energy away.

What is the ideal position to place the Panchmukhi Hanuman Idol?

Keeping the idol or hanging a Panhmukhi idol in the south direction of the house is considered to be beneficial. According to Vastu Shastra, placing the idol in the south direction of the house will keep evil energy at bay. But it also has mythological reasoning.

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Hanuman was Lord Ram’s follower. Despite his powers, he always followed Lord Ram’s command and surrendered his life for him. Placing the idol in the living room in a house will help maintain love and harmony amongst family members.

Also, it is believed that when you place the idol in the south direction of the house, it will help in removing all obstacles from your life that are stopping you from progressing and attaining wealth in your life.

The information in the article is based on general knowledge that you will find in any Vastu Shastra literature. However, you should seek advice from a Vastu Shastra expert before placing any Hindu God or Goddesses idol in the house. Many people even hire Vastu Shastra experts before planning the architecture of their homes.

Well, there is no denial that Vastu has a significant impact on your house’s energy. But for that, you cannot rely on general information that is available on the Internet.

You can find several pictures and idols of Hindu God and Goddesses online as well as at your local stores. Before buying them, you must consult your Vastu Shastra expert to know which idol is best to bring prosperity, love, togetherness, wealth, and other positive energies to your home.

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