Which Pieces of Equipment Need to Be Present on Every Modern Mushroom Growing Farm?

While there certainly are some differences between every mushroom growing farm, depending on size, location, individual practices and more, there also are some similarities, for example regarding types of equipment used.

In this article, we’ll describe some of the most important pieces of equipment that are universally used in modern, profitable mushroom growing farms, and explain their crucial features that should be taken into account when making a purchase.

Mushroom picking trolleys

Mushroom picking is an essential part of the mushroom cultivation process. Thanks to modern technology, such as high-quality mushroom picking trolleys, it’s currently much faster and less physically taxing than in the past.

Innovative trolleys are equipped with electric winches, which allow for automatic movement of the platform (up and down, as well as left and right), which in turn makes picking very efficient.

Especially considering the fact that good trolleys have solutions that facilitate picking from the top and bottom shelves, regardless of the picker’s height, ensuring higher yield. That’s a big improvement from old trolleys, which had cranks that required manual turning in order for the platform to move.

Watering system

Optimal watering is necessary for plentiful, high-quality crops – it’s true not only for mushrooms but also for any other kind of cultivation. That’s why, when talking about important equipment for mushroom growing farms it’s important to mention a technologically advanced watering system.

Thanks to automatic watering mode, keeping mushrooms watered is easier than ever. Watering can be started with a press of a button or set up to start without further input at certain times every day. Constant, easy access to watering parameters ensures that

Climate control

The climate in the mushroom growing farm has a big impact on the quality and quantity of the crop. Climate control ensures that the right conditions (temperature, humidity and so on) are maintained at all times.

Good climate control can lead to significant savings when it comes to such expenses as heating, cooling and ventilation, so it’s a good investment that will pay off in the long term. It’s also easy to operate and highly reliable.

Mushroom scales

Mushroom scales are another key piece of equipment for mushroom growing farms. They need to be precise and durable (especially considering that high humidity in mushroom growing farms creates difficult conditions for electronic devices).

Such scales can be split into two basic categories: battery-powered and ones that require charging by cable. Battery-powered scales are a more cost-efficient option, as they are less likely to get damaged (cables are quite damage-prone) and batteries only need to be replaced once in a while.

Mushroom picking trolleys, climate control, watering system and mushroom scales are important, but there are also some other pieces of mushroom farm equipment worth paying attention to. For example, mushroom knives, lamps and growing nets. The aforementioned pieces of equipment, and many more, can be purchased from a reliable supplier, such as GROWTIME.

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