Which Azure Certification Should I Do?

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud service that has grown significantly in recent years. Because of Azure’s hybrid compatibility, many IT professionals are needed to obtain a Microsoft Azure certification.

Because most firms worldwide are embracing cloud computing, there is a significant demand for knowledgeable people in this field. Cloud computing professionals have a wide range of possibilities and earn a high salary, making it a highly sought-after position in the IT industry.

Microsoft provides a wide range of Azure certification exams and role-based certifications to assist you in keeping up with today’s business requirements in your career. The article allows you to know how to select the best Microsoft Azure certification, exam, and learning path for you.

If you want to grow your IT career, the Microsoft Azure certification path is one of the most significant possibilities. These role-based certificates are divided into three tiers based on the skills you want to improve. There are three levels: fundamental, associate, and expert.

Importance of Azure certifications:

The Azure certification path assesses and certifies a candidate’s knowledge of various Azure-related scenarios. Some people complete the entire certification process, while others only complete the course and gain expertise. Azure credentials are highly respected worldwide, with organizations paying top dollar for certified Azure experts.

Why opt for Microsoft Azure certification?

Obtaining Microsoft Azure certification indicates a talent that will almost surely boost a candidate’s chances of being employed. Given the rising demand, there has been significant growth in opportunities for Microsoft Azure certified professionals in recent years.

  • According to Microsoft’s reports, more than 1000 customers join up for MS Azure every day. It means that around 365,000 firms have adopted Azure over a year.
  • And over 57 percent of Fortune 500 companies use Azure.
  • Microsoft’s commercial cloud revenue has grown by 104 percent well with the help of Azure.
  • The UK government has formally recognized MS Azure.
  • The US government also supports an MS Azure Government service.

Microsoft Azure certification learning path

Microsoft provides a variety of learning paths to assist you with your certification process.

  1. First and foremost, there is the Microsoft Learning Platform. It is the best learning resource for getting accurate exam details. And, you can quickly access these on the Microsoft Azure certification page, where you can select the certification you wish to learn more about.
  2. Then there’s Microsoft Documentation. It will assist you in explaining Azure’s foundations. Furthermore, you will learn about the various scales of different Azure services.
  3. Then comes instructor-led training. It essentially consists of online learning and training sessions led by authorized expert educators. Furthermore, there are on-demand classrooms where you can schedule sessions at your leisure and then learn.
  4. Finally, join the study groups. It is used in preparation for the exam. Study groups will help you keep connected with people in your profession. You can also share your concerns and questions in that group.
  5. Most significantly, a variety of Microsoft Azure tutorials are available to provide expert-level skills. It will undoubtedly assist you in obtaining detailed information about the exam, including key concepts.

What types of certificates and exams are available?

There are around nine different types of Microsoft Azure role-based certifications. Each is intended for a particular structure level, beginning with a fundamental, associate, and expert. These structure levels are designed to aid the learning process by allowing learners to progress to the next level step-by-step, making it easier for students to understand and grasp the needed skills at each level.

Role-based Microsoft Azure certification

Now, let’s go through the details of Azure and why it’s so highly recommended for those looking to go into the realm of Azure certification.

Microsoft Azure’s use cases are diverse, thanks to its multiple service offerings. Running Virtual Machines or containers within the cloud is one of Microsoft Azure’s most popular uses. In addition to the various services, Microsoft Azure is widely used for disaster recovery and backup. According to Microsoft, there are approximately two dozen Azure cloud services. You may learn more about it by taking azure certification courses.

You will always choose the certification solely to increase your knowledge and skills linked to market job roles.

Microsoft has introduced the nine Microsoft Azure certificates listed below, each having eleven examinations divided into three levels.

  1. Primarily, Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900)
  2. Secondly, Azure Administrator Associate (AZ-104)
  3. Thirdly, Azure Developer Associate (AZ-204)
  4. After that, Azure Data Engineer Associate (DP-200, DP-201)
  5. Later, Associate Azure Security Engineer (AZ-500)
  6. In addition, Azure AI Engineer Associate (AI-102)
  7. Moreover, Azure Data Scientist Associate (DP-100)
  8. Following that, Azure Solutions Architect Expert (AZ-303, AZ-304)
  9. Last but not least, Azure DevOps Engineer Expert (AZ-400)

Which Azure certifications should you begin with?

There are many different certifications and examinations available based on your employment profile when it comes to certificates. However, for those who are new to Azure, the Azure Fundamentals certification is the best option. To do so, you must first pass the AZ-900 fundamental level exam. Furthermore, the AZ-900 exam is a prerequisite for advancing to the associate and expert level Azure certifications.

Getting into the AZ-900 exam

The Microsoft AZ-900 test is generally suggested for persons who do not have a technical background but have a basic understanding of cloud principles. Furthermore, this test will cover fundamental cloud principles, Azure’s essential services, Azure support and pricing, as well as security, trust, compliance, and privacy.

Furthermore, the AZ-900 exam course includes four domains that will aid you in your test preparation.

S.no Domains Weightage
1 Understanding the Cloud Concepts 15-20%
2 Understanding Core Azure Services 30-35%
3 Understand Security, Privacy, Compliance, and Trust 25-30%
4 Understanding Azure Pricing and Support 20-25%


The growing demand for a profession in cloud computing is good enough to obtain an Azure certification. It can also aid you in gaining better employment chances in many areas and regions. Furthermore, the certificate provides numerous professional development opportunities to assist you in achieving your objectives.

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