What to Know About Business Alarm Settings

Maintaining security for your small business is important. When you don’t secure your location with an alarm system, your business can be negatively affected. For example, if you experience equipment or supply theft, this can bite into your finances. For small companies, this can hurt.

There is a variety of business security or alarm solutions that can keep your business secure. We’ll focus on a few things to know about such business alarm settings.

Cloud-Managed Alarms Platform

When deciding what the structure will be for your business alarm systems, you should first focus on your cloud-managed alarms platform. In the case of alarm system provider Verkada, this platform helps first to use data that is captured across the system’s physical security ecosystem. Further, you don’t need keypad programming, complex panel configuration, or third-party monitoring to manage it. As a business owner, this frees you up to focus on a security system from all angles. Lastly, the cloud-managed alarms platform allows you to receive help from centralized management. This means that this platform can give you the choice of enabling secure access on any device from anywhere.

For example, let’s say that you want to conduct video monitoring via security cameras, or detect an intrusion at your business via a glass break sensor. The remarkable thing about the cloud-managed alarms platform is that you don’t have to be on-site to see these things happening. You can access each of these from a cloud platform through a simple Wi-Fi connection from your phone, tablet, or laptop computer. Having such remote control access fits your specific needs of being a businessperson who might always be on the go. Being able to have access to the means to keep your small business safe via a cloud platform can help you in the long run.

Professional Monitoring

When you set up a business alarm system at your small business, many of these systems come with professional monitoring. Having a staple of security agents available to provide you with constant security solution-focused monitoring will provide you with peace of mind. This lets you know as a small business owner that someone is always watching your back. You’ll receive 24/7 professional monitoring that helps your business on a few different fronts.

To begin with, professional monitoring can help your small business by supplying built-in security video verification. This can help security agents to assess threats, and to screen out false alarms. Also, with this aspect of business security monitoring, an agent can contact you quickly if an alarm is raised. You also can have SMS messages sent to pre-established contacts. If any of these contacts can’t be reached, then the monitoring team will send a notification to the necessary emergency services. Rest assured that if an emergency, such as a burglary occurs, your small business will stay safe via professional security monitoring.

Video Security

One of the best components of your business security settings is the use of video security. A well-placed security camera will keep your small business safe. This security solution can prevent internal theft, workplace violence, and outside threats such as burglaries. As a business owner who wants the maximum coverage that business security provides, investing in security cameras is necessary. Many security cameras now are built with technology that is smart, secure, and easy to manage.

These security cameras are easy to install if you don’t require the services of a home security professional to set up. In addition to this, they carry built-in storage. These machines can store up to 365 days of footage locally. Lastly, they undergo automatic updates to their systems, with ongoing features and security updates. With minimal bandwidth impact, unlimited cloud archiving, and centralized management, security cameras are a must-have for your small business.

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