What Miners Are

The demand for cryptocurrency is growing every day. Many people have already appreciated its benefits and are actively interested in investing. Whereas the first such monetary unit – Bitcoin – was treated with distrust, today the largest financial companies invest in it.

Over time, alternative units – altcoins – began to appear. Some of them were created based on BTC algorithms, others received new solutions. Depending on the reliability and growing demand, the rate of a particular token changes. 

Having assessed the prospects of cryptocurrencies, some enthusiasts took up resource mining. They purchased computer hardware and made money from the blockchain. This is how the first miners appeared, and the process they engaged in is called mining. 

Since “mining” means getting extractable resources, in this case, that extractable resource is crypto. You can read more about mining in the article at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cryptocurrency#Mining

How Mining Works

To understand how mining works, you have to understand a little bit about the blockchain. It is a system consisting of blocks that are formed into continuous chains. The blocks record information about the transactions made with the cryptocurrency, for example, buying new bitcoins, transferring them to another owner, or making a deposit to the CryptoReels casino or a bookmaker.

These blocks make up a whole so-called ledger, which is kept by each mining participant. The task of the blockchain is to provide a continuous record of information with further cryptographic encryption. When the same data is stored by thousands of users, it cannot be tampered with or overwritten. This is the essence of blockchain, its guarantee of data accuracy and security.

But who wants to spend a lot of money just to guarantee the security of transactions to strangers? That’s why miners are rewarded for their work in the form of cryptocurrency. 

However, everything is not as simple as newbies might think. The thing is, in order to get the reward, you need to mine the very block that will join the end of the chain. In simple words, the whole process looks like this:

  • the miner acquires the necessary equipment;
  • then connects to a special program;
  • starts the hardware and waits for the results;
  • the computing power picks up the codes to the algorithms, and forms a new block based on the received data;
  • the blockchain evaluates this block for compliance with its requirements and only after “approval” releases it into the chain;
  • the following transaction data is written on the new block;
  • the miner receives cryptocurrency for the work done.

In practice, everything is much more complicated but the basic principle works for all mining options.

Ways to Mine Crypto

The first miners used a primitive scheme, as in those days bitcoin cost less than a dollar and did not require much effort to mine resources. With the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, there was a large number of people who wanted to make money from the new kind of currency. 

Schemes and technologies were improved and continue to become more complex. Various methods of mining appeared, among which three main variants can be distinguished:

1. Cloud-based.

It is suitable for those who do not have the possibility to buy powerful equipment at the moment. Often, these are new miners. They rent capacities from companies that provide such services. It is enough to conclude a cooperation contract, pay a fee, and connect to the system via the Internet. This option has its advantages: there is no need to invest in expensive equipment. However, there is a disadvantage – the high volatility of crypto: it may happen that the rent will cost more than the amount earned. Still, no one is immune to it, because it is impossible to predict the rate of cryptocurrencies.

2. Independent.

Here everything is quite simple: the miner buys equipment and works on his own. This will require a substantial investment and a constant upgrade of the devices. However, if you do not focus on bitcoin only, you can mine other, more affordable currencies. In this case, you do not have to share the reward, all the income goes to the user.

3. Pool.

It provides for the collective use of certain capacities, that is, a common server. In this case, the costs and profits will be divided for all participants according to the invested funds. This approach enables you to save money, yet the income will be smaller. 

Each scheme has its pros and cons, so before you choose any of them, you should carefully study the cryptocurrency market, so as not to waste money.

Equipment for a Mining Farm

To start mining crypto, you need to take care of the appropriate equipment. Nowadays, there are three types of technical equipment that the efficiency of mining depends on.

Equipment Description
Video cards They were used actively initially but today their capacities are not enough to mine bitcoin. Video adapters are used for mining less popular altcoins
FPGA modules These devices are easy to program for specific tasks, they do not require a powerful cooling system
ASIC This microprocessor is designed specifically for crypto mining. It is easy to assemble, and efficient in use but generates a lot of noise and gets very hot.

Clear adherence to the rules and requirements in mining ensures the stability of the system as a whole.


Basically, anyone can mine cryptocurrency. In order to profit from the investment, it is necessary to study the crypto market in detail and constantly monitor the exchange rate. In this case, you will be able to navigate in time and reconfigure the equipment in a more profitable direction.

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