What is the Scope of the Science Stream?

Many students face a problem choosing the stream after their class tenth boards. This is a very important decision, students should make this decision very carefully. The life of students can change based on which stream they choose. PCM is considered the ideal combination of subjects for students pursuing an engineering degree.

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Students studying a combination of these subjects in 11th grade must study Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and related subjects as core subjects along with one language. The combination of physics, chemistry, biology and maths also known as the biology group, is preferred by students wishing to pursue a career in medicine. Students studying this combination of subjects will study physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology as core subjects, as well as microbiology and other related subjects.

You will also receive required language courses and computer science or sometimes it is information technology as part of your curriculum. Choosing the right subject group for the science stream in 11 and 12 classes is very important. The subject group or combination you choose will determine your future studies as well as the career and career prospects that await you. While online teaching students should understand carefully what they are going to learn in different courses.

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Therefore, to choose the right combination of subjects, you need to consider the following factors: Your Interests: Students should consider their interests and the subjects they want to study in the long term. If you are familiar with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as a subject stream and are interested in pursuing a career in engineering, PCM is the perfect subject group for you. Your Strengths and Weaknesses: In addition to being interesting, students should also consider their strengths and weaknesses when choosing subjects.

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For example, let’s say you chose PCMB because you are interested in biology. It is not a good idea to choose science just for biology. In grades 11 and 12, you will be faced with a detailed study of the subject, and not understanding the basics well can harm you in the future. Traditionally, science has been popular with students because it offers them many exciting and good opportunities. When teachers teach online, they should also tell students about different career options.

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Many parents push their children toward the science stream after 10th grade. This is because it offers the opportunity to take specialized science courses at the graduate and postgraduate levels. As a science student, you will engage in the systematic scientific study of natural phenomena through observation, theoretical research, applied research, and experimentation.

Science is a broad stream of objects that includes almost everything we can see, touch, hear, and feel. Everything in the world, not only the world, but the universe in which we live is also within the scope of science. However, during your studies in classes 11 and 12, you will cover three main areas: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. In addition to this, mathematics is also included as one of the core subjects along with compulsory language subjects.

Because computer technology is at the beginning of scientific research, computer science is also a major subject. Whether studying after graduating from high school or grades 11 and 12, science students have a wide range of course options to consider and choose from. A great benefit of Science Stream students is that they also have the option to choose non-science courses for the program at their level. Now let’s take a look at some of the main course options that science students can choose from.

Engineering is perhaps the most popular career choice for students seeking science. Nearly 11 million science students take the JEE Engineering entrance exam each year, which demonstrates the importance and popularity of this option. In addition, engineering itself has several specializations and disciplines from which students can choose according to their own choices and preferences. Medicine or medicine is also a very important career choice for science students. Students taking a combination of PCB/PCMB courses can choose graduate and postgraduate medical courses. At the graduate level, students can choose MBBS, the most popular medical course. Students need to clear the NEET entrance exam to get admission to MBBS courses in colleges and universities.

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