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Wagyu beef is one of the foremost overpriced and most asked for oxen within the world, best known for its high-fat content and outstanding quality, nearly silk. The word ‘Wagyu’ virtually means ‘Japanese Cow’. Wagyu oxen square measure native to Japan and have entirely different characteristics from the EU breeds of oxen that manufacture most of the world’s edible oxen nowadays. KOW Steaks, a corporation supported by Jon Urbana and his relative, additionally offers Yankee Wagyu beef in a very form of a product. For additional data on this company, please visit kowsteaks.com.

Jon Urbana KOW Product

Jon Urbana could be a sixth-generation farmer United Nations agency manages and maintains the Wagyu herd in southern Iowa that produces one in every of the foremost asked for oxen within the world. Jon’s granddad was the primary farmer within the USA to determine a tiny low herd of Wagyu oxen on his farm. This tiny herd of Wagyu oxen is genuinely the primary step towards KOW Steaks nowadays. 

Jon Urbana Beef KOW Wagyu beef is so famous among high industrial chefs that its listing isn’t pronto on the market to the typical client. Luckily, you’ll fancy the delicious style of beef KOW Wagyu at high restaurants.

Professional chefs around the world love KOW Steaks.

Professional chefs around the world love KOW Steaks attributable to their sturdy flavors and delicious style profile. Far-famed cook Nobu Matsuhisa opted to serve Yankee Wagyu beef created by KOW Steaks in a very inexperienced presentation at one of his signature restaurants. He has managed to form a reputation for himself everywhere the globe by excelling at first food. Thus, he forever chooses the right product. Before the epidemic, it was most likely that you wanted to order Yankee Wagyu beef at restaurants, that you paid many greenbacks for one stake. 

However, these days, you’ll repeat a similar feeling in your home by ordering online Yankee Wagyu beef created by KOW Steaks. Yankee order Wagyu beef from kowsteaks.com can have a similar style because the Wagyu cow ate up at restaurants. Thus, you’ll feel a similar excellent feel of preparation within the comfort of your home.

Consumers feel sensible concerning shopping for beef from KOW Steaks.

Jon’s granddad started the first herd of Wagyu oxen, and KOW Steaks nowadays follows similar exploitation. The trim you have detected of the Yankee Wagyu cow will eat naturally in giant new rushlike countries, drinking clean water all the time. Yankee Wagyu cows, which may move freely and eat contemporary grass a day, can manufacture top quality, terribly healthy meat and a beautiful aroma.

Let’s remark how vital their work is.

Jon Urbana didn’t establish direct sales at the table. Their square measures well-known brands that are in operation therein house for many years. Jon Urbana knew that to prosper and be successful, they required to be highly productive. Jon Urbana has never targeted sales volume. He started by developing relationships with high chefs who care about the food they supply.

Jon Urbana doesn’t suppose there’s a more considerable agreement on the standard of their beef than once the chief cook selected to offer it an inexperienced presentation at one in every of his signature restaurants. You have engineered a name worldwide for doing well in first food and cannot risk you for a product that’s not reliable.

Final words

Whatever you decide on to chop, Jon Urbana’s art of growing and manufacturing the simplest Wagyu beef within the world is precise. The KOW Wagyu reap the meat normally. For any meal, that is alone. Thus, if you’re a gourmand and trying forward to tasting the meat, then visit the kowsteaks.com website and enjoy it.

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