Vibrating Your Way To A Slimmer You

From gaining health benefits to looking stunning in any outfit, losing weight has so many advantages that make people yearn for a leaner body. Whether you want to flaunt your bikini body or make sure you don’t have to catch your breath from five minutes of running or jogging, there are many reasons that justly motivate you to maintain a healthy weight and body. 

Weight loss is a challenge for many, but not impossible with the determination and will to keep yourself fit. In this blog, we discuss why whole body vibration has recently gained traction as an effective means to lose weight and acquire the dream body you desire. 

Becky Chambers, a natural health practitioner, author, teacher, and owner of Vibrant Health, has penned many whole body vibration books, where she shares her knowledge and insight on the subject. You can buy the books on Amazon to learn more about whole body vibration, its benefits and the research behind the claims, and the many different options when it comes to which type of machine to use. 

Whole Body Vibration And How It Works

Whole body vibration (WBV) is a non-invasive therapy that is one of the best way to lower inflammation in the body. Vibration therapy augments our natural healing processes, which can prevent the need for surgery, narcotics, and other pharmaceuticals. Just standing or sitting on a vibrating plate will automatically cause your muscle fibers to tighten and release, increasing circulation and lymph drainage. In this way WBV can be a passive therapy that makes use of mechanical force to increase blood flow to parts of your body that are in need of healing and stimulation. Adding in exercise positions on the vibrating plate will increase the effects of a workout, creating a more intense workout more rapidly buring calories and strengthening muscles.

Injury or trauma can cause pain, limit movement, lead to inflammation, neuropathy, and re-injury. Vibration therapy uses low frequency vibrations to help relax tightened tissues and restore functionality. These vibrations are a safe way to treat patients who are suffering from chronic pain symptoms. You can purchase Becky Chambers whole body vibration for calming inflammation to know more about the benefits that your internal body enjoys with the exercise. 

Whole Body Vibration And Weightloss

You can stand, sit, or lie down on a whole body vibration machine or platform. As these platforms vibrate, they transmit energy to your body that causes your muscles to contract and relax dozens of times within one second. This automatic tightening and relaxation of the muscle fibers is a workout for your muscles; holding exercise positions on the vibrating plate will cause your muscle to have to hold your body weight against the vibration, which will increase the workout effects, helping you burn calories and lose weight more quickly. 

Even if you just stand on the vibrating platform and your muscles are contracting automatically, this activity requires energy resulting in the burning of calories. As the vibration travel throughout your body, vibration will cause an increase in calorie consumption throughout your body. The amount of fat or calories that the body will burn depend on the frequency and strength of the vibrations, and how you use the machine – whether you decide to use it as a passive vibration, or intensify the workout effect by also using exercise postitions. 

The whole body vibration machines are now increasingly used in gyms and are the best way to amplify your weight loss. 

The Effectiveness of Whole Body Vibration Machines

Performing exercises on a whole body vibration platform is a fast and effective way to lose weight and gain the lean body you want. However, no matter how effective the vibrations are for your body or how rigorous an exercise, your workouts can not make up for a poor diet.  

Your journey to a healthy and slimmer body begins with nutritious food and proper sleep, with exercises and whole-body vibration to complement your efforts! 


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