TikTok Application – What Parents Need To Know?

TikTok is a free social media networking site that allows you to create, watch and share your short clips with other users out there. The influence of this application has become famous for viral videos such as dancing and celebrity cameos. It is considered one of the most creative and entertaining platforms for teens to enjoy.

Currently, the application is available in around 75 languages and has over 1 billion active users. Creators first introduced people to this application musically, but later the owner decided to upgrade this platform with more prominent features and higher editing skills and effects. As a result, the application was able to become very famous only after being upgraded to TikTok.

What can you find on TikTok?

While scrolling through the application, a human encounter with short videos with popular songs and user dancing on it. Additionally, there are many videos related to lip-syncing, performing comedy sketches, and many more types of videos. The application lets you make videos up to 60 seconds, but most users only create videos that are often 10 to 15 seconds to make them short and sweet.

This application became famous because of trends and challenges on social media platforms. People are earning a good amount of living, and some people even buy TikTok followers to increase the popularity of their accounts. Although many challenges are fun to perform. On the other hand, some of them can be very dangerous and harmful to a child’s physical and mental well-being.


  1. The silhouette challenge – In these challenges, the user creates images and videos with the help of editing and effects, which are red in color. Many people are doing these challenges by sexualizing themselves. People can easily remove these filters, so the user must be careful while making these kinds of challenges and careful about what kind of clothes they are wearing behind the camera.
  2. The blackout challenge – They deal with a user interacting with their oxygen level till they lose consciousness. This kind of challenge has led to the recent death of multiple children around the age, 9 to 12 years. That is why many countries always consider the application a dangerous platform.
  3. Back cracking challenge – Users crack their friend’s back to complete the challenge without training. Many professional doctors warned that these types of challenges could twist and pull out on this point, resulting in long-term damage.
  4. Nutmeg challenge – Consumption of nutmeg in the huge mount can easily affect your nervous system. The most common symptoms of this car are a hallucination, dizziness, dry mouth, seizures, confusion, and many more. 
  5. Full face wax trend – This kind of challenge deal with people covering their entire face with wax. There is a massive risk that they can make themselves suffer and stops the oxygen enter their Airways. Fax is always dangerous when it gets hard. Once in the airway, doctors can only remove it surgically.
  6. The magnet challenge – In this challenge, users use small magnetic balls and pretend to have piercing noses, ears, and lips. Many people upload videos of themselves selling these magnetic balls so they can stick the magnet in their skin and make them self-magnetic. Unfortunately, this kind of challenge leads to serious hospitalization surgery to remove this harmful magnet from their entire body.

What Is the minimum age for TikTok?

The minimum age of the user is 13-year-old, according to the privacy policy of this application. However, there are several contents above the age of 18, and very parents do not agree to let you use this application for their children. Considering how dangerous this platform can be, TikTok is trying its best to stop these kinds of threatening challenges from happening.

Why is TikTok popular among teenagers?

This open platform allows everyone to express themselves in the form of short videos. As a result, they will be able to build their community and gain a lot of followers following their passion. It is also considered one of the greatest opportunities to unlock every aspect of your talent.

However, many people buy TikTok followers to make their profile more prominent in the race to gain followers. The additional features, such as the unique effect that you can apply in your videos to make them more unique, and you can also cross content on other platforms, such as Instagram and YouTube, to share it with more and more people, make it an idol application for teenagers.


Millions of people expect concerned about inappropriate videos and language in some content and mark this application as less suitable for young children. Moreover, there is another security risk of a predator seeking to connect with children. However, you can create your account and limit your contacts with the security option.

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