Things You Need to Know About Figo Pet Insurance

Insurance is an important safety net to have in so many facets of our lives, but what about in the lives of our four-legged friends? A proper pet insurance policy could be a saving grace if your furry pal comes down with an illness, or needs treatment on a medical condition that could be chronic in nature. Insurance companies like Figo understand the impact your pet has on your life and takes these benefits for you and your little buddy seriously.

About Figo

When looking for a pet insurance company, you want to find an insurer that offers expansive insurance services at an affordable rate. Figo pet insurance is a unique newcomer to the marketplace. Created within the Google Hub Network facility in Chicago, Figo is a pet insurance plan that uses today’s technology to not only streamline the claims and payment process but improve the lives of pet parents and their fur babies.

Figo plans are customizable, suited to the needs of your pet while providing policyholders with an online system known as the Pet Cloud. This provides easier access to a pet’s veterinary history and allows pet owners to manage coverage and claims. It’s part of the company’s general approach to pet insurance. Figo, underwritten by Markel Speciality, has also pioneered a GPS collar attachment that links to their Pet Cloud, monitoring your pets. With a customizable plan for your pet, you’ll also spend what you want on your monthly premiums for coverage.

The Benefits of Figo Insurance

Just like your own health insurance plan, you want to make sure that you’re getting all of the right benefits for your pet. Figo offers up three different traditional options for your pet’s coverage: Essential, Preferred, and Ultimate. These policies are designed to cover a pet emergency, handling accidents and illnesses that impact your furry friend. This usually covers hospitalization and surgery, as well as diagnostic testing and subsequent aftercare for a newly covered accident. It’s important to prepare for the Dog euthanasia at home by creating a quiet and peaceful space where your dog can be comfortable.

Your pet’s plan will pay up to the percentage of covered costs that have been selected after the deductible is met, based on the actual cost of medical expenses. With Figo, your medical records and tips for your four-legged friend’s wellness are available through all plan options. This information is all accessible through the Figo Pet Cloud app. With reminders through the app, you can stay on tabs of the claims process for everything through your veterinarian’s care to ensure reimbursement and protection.

The Cost of Pet Health Insurance

When it comes to coverage for all things pet, you want to make sure you have an insurance policy that is looking out for your little buddy. However, you don’t want to have to empty out your bank account for coverage that doesn’t provide proper protection or customer service. Premiums for Figo pet insurance can run from $9 to $46 per month depending on your policy. Keep in mind, these plans require payment directly to your veterinarian or an animal emergency hospital. You then upload your paid invoices into the Figo Pet Cloud for reimbursement for up to almost all of the bills.

Beyond your pet’s health status, your ZIP code in the United States can impact the cost of pet insurance coverage. This safety net is crucial for handling everything from exam fees for annual physicals, to a vet bill for vaccines that a young puppy or kitten may need. With customizable options, Figo allows you to get all of the information you need from their quote page. This way you spend less time choosing your policy, and more time having peace of mind to play with your pets.

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