The Ultimate Guide to Muay Thai Pads and Kick Pads 

An Introduction to Muay Thai Pads and Kick Pads

Hitting Muay Thai pads and kick pads are a great way to train for Muay Thai. They allow you to train your kicks, punches, elbows and knees without feeling pain from being hit or kicked. They also allow you to train realistic striking combinations over and over again – practice makes perfect.

There are a few things to consider about Muay Thai pads, namely their shape, weight, and construction materials.

Materials: Muay Thai Pads can be made of genuine and synthetic leather. Generally, real leather is more durable and heavier than synthetic materials. However, with recent engineering, many brands now have synthetic material that is just as strong as the real leather.

Shape: Pad shapes vary to effectively train different styles of martial arts. Thai pads are typically a rectangular shape. The pads can be curved or flat, depending on the preference of the Muay Thai fighter and trainer.

Weight: Light weight Muay Thai pads are preferred by trainers that do lots of classes at Muay Thai gyms. This is because they are easier to hold and handle for long periods of time. Lightweight pads are great for inexperienced athletes and pad holders because they are easier to correct their movements while still developing their skills. Heavy duty pads are necessary for professional fighters and heavy hitters. Heavy duty pads weigh more and also provide more dense protection that is necessary for these power shots.

What are the Best Muay Thai Pads?

Since Thailand is the place where Muay Thai originated, it is no wonder that Thai manufacturers produce some of the best Muay Thai pads on the market. Brands like Fairtex, Top King Boxing, Boon, K Muay Thai Equipment, and Twins Special all have unique designs that are effective for Muay Thai training. Fairtex produces a wide range of Thai pads that suit a wide variety of striking needs. They offer different sizes, single and double strap designs, in both genuine and synthetic leather. Top King Boxing produces some heavy duty Thai pads. Their “Extreme” pads are a Muay Thai kick pad mixed with a westren style focus mitt. This design makes it the perfect training tool for MMA fighters.

Where to find the Best Kick Pads on the Market!

Nak Muay Wholesale is a website that specializes in selling Thai pads and other Muay Thai equipment direct from Thailand. They offer a wide selection of pads and have excellent prices. Nak Muay Wholesale is an excellent source for information on Thai pads because they provide detailed reviews of each pad model. They also provide customer ratings and reviews to help customers find the right pad for them.

Conclusion: Wrap Up of our Ultimate Guide to Muay Thai Training Equipment

Good quality Muay Thai kick pads are important for your safety while training. You can use the information in this article to find the correct Thai pads that best fit your needs. This will ensure you’re getting the most out of your pad work sessions and training regime.

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