The Surprising Ways in Technology is Transforming the Security Industry

The notion of on-site security has arguably existed since mankind was first required to store valuables such as grain and cattle. However, the methods themselves have certainly evolved over time. While traditional approaches such as padlocks and the use of on-site personnel are still viable options, we are entering into an interesting domain thanks to cutting-edge technology. From the implementation of a customisable access control system to the role of human biology, a brave new world awaits. Let us look at some of the most recent advancements.

Wireless Security Solutions

Whether referring to the home or the office, it is important to be immediately notified in the event of a security breach. This is now largely accomplished through the use of wireless connectivity alongside the presence of dedicated mobile phone applications. Stakeholders will be alerted if a fault is detected and therefore, the appropriate actions can be taken. The majority of these systems also notify authorities such as the police and fire departments, helping to avert a more potentially serious scenario.

Biometric Protocols

Another extremely interesting innovation that has come to light in recent times involves the implementation of a concept known as biometric security. As the term suggests, this approach is associated with the identification of specific biological (or physical) traits that can be used to identify an individual. These can include (but are not always limited to) fingerprints, blood vessels within the eye, palm prints, and facial recognition software. Biometric systems have become common within workplace environments and some networks are even designed for home use.

The benefit here is that it is nearly impossible to duplicate certain physical characteristics within a real-time environment. Furthermore, it is common to deploy more than one biometric identification protocol simultaneously to ensure an even more robust security system.

All About a User-Friendly Approach

Thankfully, the options mentioned above are now being engineered with the end-user in mind. Little prior technical experience is required and industry experts are capable of providing bespoke solutions based solely around the needs of the customer in question. The same cannot be said for the rather “cookie-cutter” nature of options such as standard padlocks or even keyless entry systems. There is little doubt that more impressive advancements will be made in the not-so-distant future as security concerns continue to evolve.

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