The Skills You Need to Work in Construction

There are plenty of misconceptions about working within the construction industry, which may have contributed to the ongoing labor shortage. Despite the high number of job openings, not enough people are sending in their applications. Construction companies are struggling to fill positions. Millions of people still need to be hired to end the shortage and accelerate the building of new homes.

However, construction work feels very fulfilling. Those who work in construction have consistently rated their employers highly and said that they enjoy job satisfaction-something not present in many workplaces in the United States. Moreover, construction workers enjoy decent pay, especially now that the market is very competitive and there is a dire need for new people to come on board. Construction companies have been offering higher wages and better benefits to new recruits in the past year.

Working in construction is not the most glamorous job, but people are happy and can afford to live comfortable lives. Those who want to explore a career in construction do not need a college degree most of the time, but there are quite a few things that applicants must be able to have to thrive and find success in the industry.

Strength and Stamina

Construction work is manual labor. It requires physical strength and stamina to perform a myriad of tasks, including digging earth, lifting building materials, climbing scaffolding, and using power tools all day long. Almost 50 percent of jobs in construction will involve physical strength and stamina.

Those who are not ready for the physical demands of the industry are at risk of accidents and injuries. Construction is a dangerous job. Every day, about two construction workers die of work-related accidents. Some of the most common causes of fatalities are falls, being struck by or being caught between objects, and electrocution. There is also the risk of experiencing back pain from physical labor.

Those who want to enter construction need to be prepared physically to do the work.

Adept With Technology

Construction is not known for being the most technologically advanced, but those who work in the industry should be comfortable using different tools and machinery. Whether you are promoting skid steer loaders for sale to construction companies or operating the excavator and bulldozer, the work requires being comfortable learning about and using technology daily.

In addition, construction is primed to become more technologically advanced. More construction companies adopt various devices such as drones, augmented and virtual reality, building information modeling (BIM), and construction management software. All of these are developed to improve construction work and processes. Those unwilling to learn how to use them will be left behind.

Strong Math Skills

Aside from being physically demanding, construction work is also mentally stimulating. Those who work in construction often have to exercise their math skills. They work with numbers on a daily basis. Those who hate math and dislike doing measurements and calculations are not suited for the industry.

All aspects of construction should be accurate. If a person working on-site messes up measurements and calculations, the outcome will be bad. It may lead to time and material wastage and compromise the structural integrity of the building. That is why the ability to do math is a requirement for the job.

Ability to Work With a Team

Because of the nature of the job, working in construction requires the ability to work with and get along with others. Disagreements will only waste time which can setback project completion. There is no place for conflict.

Those who work in construction are surrounded by dozens of other people, all working to build one structure every day. They will encounter and interact with these same Evovle Construction people throughout the day. They have to communicate with others to give and receive directions, share progress, and figure out the next step. Without communication, mistakes happen, which will require expensive and time-consuming reworks. Communication is necessary for teamwork, and teamwork is required to finish a construction project.

Problem-solving Skills

Construction is a very exciting field because challenges occur frequently. Many factors can prevent activity, such as weather changes, late supply delivery, accidents, and others. People who work in construction should have the ability to come up with a solution as fast as possible not to waste time and reach deadlines.

Working in construction is not as easy or tedious as it sounds. Those who want to explore their career in construction may not need to go to college, but they still have to undertake additional construction training courses to develop skills that will allow them to make meaningful contributions to the worksite.

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