The Best Chartered Memberships to Obtain in the Construction Industry 

Chartered organisations are those which have been granted a royal charter in the UK. This royal charter demonstrates the high level of excellence that the organisation holds. There are many chartered organisations in the UK in a large range of different subject disciplines. However, if you are a construction enquirer who would like to know which are best to obtain membership from for their particular field in construction, this article is for you. 

You may be asking the question, but why should I become a member? Well, membership of chartered organisations is fantastic for your employability, networking and skills building.

Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB)

The CIOB is one of the most popular institutes in the UK. It provides membership for those who are experienced in construction labouring or management positions on a construction site. The most popular and reputable choice of membership is the MCIOB. This membership allows you to use MCIOB post nominals and have the descriptor of either a Chartered Builder or Chartered Construction Manager. Therefore, if you work as a builder or a manager then this could be the ideal membership for you. Many businesses will only employ those who have this chartered status. 

There are many courses that you can take that will help coach you through the process of becoming a member of CIOB including the coaching service offered by The College of Contract Management. 

Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)

Another excellent choice for those who are looking to become a member of a chartered organisation within the construction industry is RICS. This membership is for those who are involved in a large number of different sectors. To name a few, Building Surveying, Project Management, Valuation, Quantity Surveying. These are all careers that you can progress into with the help of being a chartered member of RICS.

There are a few different membership grades, first is the AssocRICS, with this membership you will obtain an Associate qualification. The most popular, however, is the Chartered qualification known as MRICS

Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE)

In addition, CABE is a popular chartered association. It is primarily for those who are Building Engineers, and their aim is to ensure that building requirements are met. Moreover, they raise professional standards and ensure competency of professionals. There are many different membership types including: student, technician, associate, graduate, chartered member and fellow chartered building engineer. 

Final Thoughts

This article outlined a few of the best and most popular memberships to obtain with chartered institutions in the UK. All of these institutes have one thing in common, they all are granted a royal charter and increase the skills of construction workers. Furthermore, becoming a member of many of these institutions is a key part in many construction enquirers professional career. Those who are members are far more likely to be employed for a good job if they have proven their competence by obtaining memberships. Furthermore, being a member gives employers the assurance they need that your qualifications and experience are confirmed by professional bodies. 

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