The Best Boxing Headgear Options for Serious Muay Thai Fighters

Introduction: The Basics of Boxing Head Gear and What it Provides For You

Boxing head gear is an essential part of competitive Muay Thai training. It protects the boxer’s head during sparring, allowing them to safely prepare and train for professional fights. Amateur organisations also use head guards for their competitive bouts. Because this piece of equipment protects the most important part of the body, it is imperative that you get the right type to suit your needs

How to Choose the Right Type of Boxing Headgear for Your Needs

Boxing is a sport that has been around for centuries. In the past, fighters have worn full headgear to protect themselves from the impact of punches and kicks (or no headgear at all). But new innovative designs give fighters today more choices when it comes to protection. There are many different styles available, but they generally fall into two categories: open face headgear and full face head gear.

Open Face Headgear: Open face headgear is used by amateur fighters for competition. It also provides better visibility for the fighter as it leaves their face exposed.

Full Face Head Gear: Full face head gear covers both the chin and the cheeks of the fighter’s face and is typically used for training purposes. It offers more protection than open faced headgear and therefore less risk of injury to your face, but it can be difficult to see out of while wearing it due to visibility being blocked by the additional face padding.

The best boxing head guards are fully adjustable at the back of head. This allows the equipment to provide effective protection to a wide variety of head shapes, sizes and hairstyles. Brands like Top King Boxing and Fairtex Fight Gear use strong velcro adjustment with padding. These quality Muay Thai boxing manufacturers also use a lace up feature at the top of the head guard, to provide additional customization and security.

Recommendations: Get the Most Out of Your Gear With These Top Picks

Our top pick for full face boxing head guard is Fairtex Diagonal View Headgear (HG13). The padding across the forehead is triangular shaped to provide focused protection in between in the eyebrows. Together with the cheek protectors, this creates a triangular safety zone of protection between the forehead and cheeks. The chin is also protected.

For open face boxing headgear, we suggest the Top King Competition Head Guard (TKHGOC). Its ergonomic design ensures great visibility without compromising on protection. The chin and cheeks are open, the under chin velcro adjustment provides the perfect fit.

Both of these options provide excellent sizing options, with sizes small to extra large available – both with adjustable rear velcro adjustment and lace up top closure.


We hope this guide has helped you find the best gear for your needs, and that you’ve enjoyed our recommendations. You should always consider what you want to do with your gear and what features it offers before buying. And while your budget is also an important factor, you shouldn’t need to compromise when it comes to protecting yourself. Nak Muay Wholesale has great prices on authentic Muay Thai brands. They sell all of the head guard models mentioned in this article!

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