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This Shwanda Mabine Williams All About Page gives you the scoop on her latest books, Finding Love Through Forgiveness. She also writes about gun violence and Dallas Cowboys, among other things. She has a passion for writing and is an advocate for gun violence prevention. To learn more about Shwanda Mabine Williams, click the links!

About Author

Shwanda Mabine Williams is from the small town of Ahoskie, NC and she work in a Nursing Home in Suffolk Virginia. She attends local Town Hall meetings to work with city officials in figuring out a way to curve Gun Violence and make the city safe. She was born in 1973 to Katherine Mabine and Benjamin Cooper. In January 1978 both her mother and grandmother were killed in an Auto/Train accident. Perhaps if they would have taken another route to work that morning her life would have been different. Although many people over the years passed judgment on her calling her crazy, stupid, a whore, and even a bi**h she has always  called herself  BLESSED!!

Shwanda has been through sexual, emotional, and physical abuse that lasted for years. Inspite of those many obstacles she has never been an alcoholic,  a drug addict, and she still have her right mind. She has admitted to having thoughts of committing suicide but that’s all they were, thoughts. Shwanda is now married with four children and three step children. She’s saved, sanctified, and Holy Ghost  filled.  She often says, “I can’t change the past but I thank GOD I had the strength not to make it my final destination.”

Celebrating Our Love: My Storybook Wedding

This is the story of Shwanda Mabine-Williams’s wedding with true love. You’ll see how she plays a role with the narrator in the story. It’s a true love story of how her husband and how separated because of her family dynamics. But after they reunited ten years later. It’s a feeling of much love they showed each other. She has struggled with her life, and by the grace of the almighty, she has overcome all the obstacles. Indeed, if you read this book, you can know how she decides with her life and turns into her life of love.

Finding Love Through Forgiveness

This book focuses on setting the stage for love through forgiveness. She explains both unconditional and reciprocal forgiveness. During a period of resentment and bitterness, she discovers that forgiveness is necessary for moving on. This is an important message because holding grudges will keep us bound in bonds of servitude. Instead, forgive without resentment and begin the process of transforming your life.

Setting the stage for love through forgiveness

The process of forgiveness is a powerful process. Forgiveness allows us to heal our own wounds as well as those of others, bringing wholeness to individuals and communities. A Fetzer Institute documentary, Being with the Energy of Love and Forgiveness, features Dr. Mark Umbreit, founding director of the Center for Restorative Justice and Peacemaking at the University of Minnesota. The documentary details the work he does in restorative justice, as well as how forgiveness can be applied in communities.

Forgiveness requires a change in one’s inner world. It requires building forgiving heart muscles slowly. Refrain from complaining or criticizing others, as this only serves to push back the forgiveness process. In the long run, forgiveness brings peace and creates a legacy of love. But it’s not always easy to achieve this. In order to achieve peace and forgiveness, we must learn to forgive and to practice forgiving others.

Shwanda Mabine Williams’ advocacy for gun violence prevention

The Public Advocate for  Ahoskie NC, Shwanda Mabine Williams, has a passion for preventing the spread of gun violence. She works on the issue as a public advocate and researcher. Her research interests include nature-based violence interventions, inter-generational trauma, and counterproductive gender norms. Currently, she is a researcher with the Center for Gun Violence Prevention and Policy.

Shwanda Mabine-Williams is a Certified Nursing Assistant

The title says it all: Shwanda Mabine Williams is primarily a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) who has devoted her life to caring for others. She is a caring wife, mother of four, and stepmother to three. She has overcome many obstacles in her life, and her book will make you understand how she made certain decisions. If you’re interested in learning more about CNAs, you’ll be glad to know that Shwanda Mabine Williams is a Certified Nursing Assistant.

Shwanda Mabine Williams is achieving her dream of becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant. In her quest to fulfill her dream, Williams is committed to providing the best care to patients in their most vulnerable state. She strives to be the best Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) by implementing innovative care techniques. Here, she shares her story with you. Read on to discover how she got there.

A Certified Nurse Aide is an essential part of the patient care team. This highly skilled professional helps provide physical care, as well as emotional and spiritual support. This important member of the health care team is the eyes and ears of the clinical staff. They observe the patients closely and immediately alert the rest of the health care team of any changes. The Nursing Professional Development Core Council (NPDC) has split the CNA certification award into three categories.

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