Roofing Tiles Prices in Kenya

Roofing has remained to be crucial part of a house. The appearance of the roof makes a house to be pleasant to live in. Tiles can also be used for roofing when they are arranged in a systematic way.Price should also be considered when in need of purchase tiles meant for roofing. Knowing the price enables you to compute how much it wouldtake for the roofing of your house

Choosing the right roofing contractor is crucial when investing in roofing tiles. A professional contractor can offer expert guidance on the best materials and ensure proper installation, enhancing both the durability and aesthetic appeal of your roof. With the right contractor, you can achieve a perfect balance of quality and cost-efficiency for your roofing project.

This is why roofing tiles are famous alongside with their prices


Contractors like choosing tiles that would please their employers and that would be fair to their pockets. Choosing roofing tiles might be tiresome to some contractor since it requires someone to have knowledge on the types of roofing tiles. The prices are also an important factor to consider in selecting a roofing tile for a house. This article will focus on the important aspects to consider in selecting roofing tiles.

Type of roofing tiles

There are different types of tiles that are readily available in the market. They include roofing tile like clay roof tiles. This is a type of tile that is commonly used by most contractors across the globe. They reason as to why they are commonly used is because they have very low absorption rate which make them remain light in weight in different seasons. The aim of a contractor is to keep the roof as light as possible.

The other type of roofing tile is concrete tiles. They are fire resistant and the prices are relatively low. Most contractors use this type of tiles in order to economize the roofing of the house. Talk of durability and natural slate roof tiles come to your mind. Though the tiles are very heavy, it is believed to last for 100 years and aboveif well maintained and it is also environmental friendly.

Metal roof tiles is another type of roofing tile that can be used. Tiles are made of different metals like aluminum and zinc which are resistant to rust. Tiles of this type are light in weight which is important feature to consider in the tiles. Another type is solar roof tiles which consist of tiles and solar panels. Solar panels are used to harvest power during the day and store it in storage sources inside the house. Roofing tiles prices in Kenya are different and depends on the type of tiles being purchased.

How to select roofing tiles color

Different roofing tiles take different colors which is also important in the selection of roofing tiles for construction. Every color on the tiles, has its function and effect in the house. The color of the roofing tiles can be made to match with the side color. Slate grey is the color that is commonly used since the color do not absorb large amount of heat thus maintaining moderate temperatures inside the house.

The architecture of the house may also influence the color of roofing tiles. The color of the roof may be used to give a meaning or used as a symbol. Lastly, you can use tools that may help you select a color for your roof if you are not in a position to identify the above stated factors.


Maintenance of a roofing material is prior practice to carry out to increase the durability of the material. Inspection of the tiles should be done regularly. This is to check whether there is accumulation of algae and mildew which are prominent in clay roofing tiles. Similarly, the accumulation of debris can be present. Cleaning is recommended when there is accumulation of the aforementioned defects.

There can be also broken parts of the tiles which are supposed to be replaced immediately. You should replace the whole tile that is broken. Painting and recoating should also be done. Sometimes the color may fade out and the tiles seen to be aging due to weathering effects. With that there is need for painting or recoating, and you can choose to coat using the same color or change


As aforementioned, prices differ from one type to another. There are roofing tiles that are expensive and others are cheap. Price of roofing tiles may also be decided by the retailers who are selling them. Some enterprises have high fixed prices of the roofing tile while prices elsewhere are relatively low.


From the above cognition, precise information is provided to guide you on choosing tiles that may suit your desires. The characteristics of roofing tiles are also stated in concise and clear manner, and with it you are now able to choose type of roofing tiles at ease.

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