Persian Carpet: How to Wash it

Persian rugs are delicate and valuable artifacts: here’s how to wash them at home!

Like any other complement, they attract dust and are prone to stains. Persian rugs tend to “catch” dust and other debris more easily than other types of carpet. That’s why the treatment tends to be more difficult.

Depending on their location, they require a washing frequency of 6 to 24 months. An ornamental rug placed at the foot of a sofa or coffee table, in fact, needs less care than another located in a passage area or in the kitchen. Cleaning cannot be left to chance, but requires specific treatments to avoid irreversibly damaging the fibers and colors.

In order not to damage the hand-knotted fabric it is important to proceed gradually and with greater attention, without resorting to detergents which, due to their chemical composition, could alter the integrity of colors and fibers. In this case, bicarbonate is a precious ally for deeply sanitizing, removing stains and bad smells, effectively but not aggressively. Then sprinkle the product over the entire surface of the carpet and leave it to act for no less than 10 hours. With a vacuum cleaner at medium speed, remove the baking soda and that’s it.

Useful tips

Persian carpets should never be cleaned with a carpet beater or vacuum cleaner at high speed. In both cases there is a risk of breaking the fibers, irreversibly damaging the product. For the same reason, if the stains are particularly stubborn, avoid scrubbing with a brush. Never use stain remover or products with the same function. Persian rugs should never be washed in the washing machine, not even using a delicate program or neutral soap. This type of carpet requires special treatment, which is why carpet cleaning offers detailed care, taking into account all aspects related to the structure of the carpet material used, including in the case of Persian carpets.

The best solution to ensure a long life for the product is to rely on a specialized center. After a careful control of the quality of the material, the staff will be able to decide whether to intervene with a common dry cleaning or with the modern water system that allows you to sanitize and clean in depth. First, however, it is subjected to a beating treatment on a vibrating grid, useful for eliminating dust and any moth eggs. The washing is carried out by machines that respect the fabric, without damaging the colors. Special brushes remove dirt and stubborn stains. As needed, the carpet may undergo further disinfectant, moth-repellent, anti-odor treatments (useful for eliminating stains caused by food and pets) or fabric softeners, to make the fibers more flexible.

If you have several Persian rugs, cleaning them all might be a very difficult job and take a lot of time. Leaving everything on a professional carpet cleaning service is a solution worth considering for you. Finally, I hope this article is useful for you. Thanks for reading!

Proper care and maintenance of Persian carpets are crucial to preserving their beauty and value. If you’re unsure about how to wash your Persian carpet, this informative article offers valuable insights and tips. For professional assistance in maintaining your precious carpets, consider contacting Zerorez Northern Colorado, a reputable company dedicated to providing top-notch carpet cleaning services.

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