Modern Instant-print Cameras: Fujifilm INSTAX

Everybody remember that cameras from the 80s that was able to print photos right after they were made. The major drawback of them was an astronomical price on the films and devices themselves. But it is not a common knowledge that to this day Fujifilm manufactures modern iterations of it. Time to learn how to relive childhood memories without spending thousands of dollars on vintage cameras.

But first let us talk a little bit more about major differences between the new instant printing about its older counterpart. The bigger resolution is immediately recognizable thanks to digital matrices and high-class lenses. They also became 2-3 times lighter, got dynamic stabilization and exposure. Still more expensive that similar non-instant print devices but the feel of a physical photo is worth it!

On the slopes of Mt. Fuji

In order to make it clear why we are focusing on Fujifilm in this article some history lessons are needed. Working in the industry since 1934, it is truly a pioneer of photography innovations. First Fujifilm products were 35 mm films but 5 years later in 1939 they have opened a research laboratory. Later in 60s Fujifilm has established cinema-oriented productions. To this day the company keep innovating the field with their recent developments, for example, instant-print cameras.

Their INSTAX series is recognized by the major critics as the best in their price segment. The series divided into 3 branches described by the size of the photograph made instantly:

  • mini;
  • squire;
  • wide

Each branch has its own exclusive fujifilm instax films with 10+ color variations for each. Anything from conservative white to playful polka-dot. Such variety let you personalize the moment frozen even more!

What about hybrid INSTAX cameras

Another major divide is in a form of analogue devices versus hybrid ones. For an amateur photographer who wants to depict the happiest or beautiful moments of their lives hybrid is the choice. Before printing an image will be processed digitally to increase the contrast, highlight the moody background or increase the sharpness. It allows everyone to make semi-professional photos with 0 effort!

For an experienced photographer analogue cameras are the best friends. It will not change the image you are seeing through the mirror when taking a picture. The light, the sharpness and focus are in your hands to provide the full artistic freedom with instant-print as a bonus!

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