Lithium Iron Phosphate and Start-stop Batteries Overview

Over time, humans have developed various appliances for the ease of mankind. Every electronic gadget is now dependent on a battery for its functioning. A battery is an electrochemical cell that provides energy to carry out the function. The battery can store charge and run the application when needed. Laptops, Tabs, electric vehicles, cars, solar systems, etc, everything is now dependent on batteries. Various types of batteries were available originally but over time the technology used in the manufacturing of batteries has been modified. Now, different types of batteries are available and can be used with the suitable device it is designed to be used.

Different types of batteries like lead-acid and nickel-metal hydride are used traditionally. With the advancement in technology, special types of batteries are introduced to meet human needs. These batteries are now adopted by various large companies like Tesla to provide their customers with a better experience. It includes Lithium iron phosphate and start-stop batteries.

Lithium iron phosphate battery

Lithium iron phosphate battery uses lithium iron phosphate in their manufacturing. This battery uses organic electrolytes and the chemical reactions taking place in these batteries are temperature independent. People face problems in the winter season or when they move to a place where the temperature is very low, this LiFePO4 battery is the best for such situations and its performance is least affected even at 0 degrees. Also, the weight of these batteries is very low and it is very easy to move them from one place to another. With the use of modern technology, the shelf life of these batteries is about 10 times more than that of lead-acid batteries. Also, the cycle life is improved in these batteries and can deliver almost double the charge as the same size lead-acid battery.

Start-stop battery

These batteries are based on the latest technology the aim of which is to reduce fuel consumption and minimize the emission of harmful gasses during the burning of fuel. This technology is not only helping mankind but also nature.

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These batteries are used in modern cars. This technology automatically starts and turns off the engine when it is needed. Let’s take an example to understand it. You are moving straight on the road and the red signal appears. Now, you have to wait until the signal turns green so that you can continue your journey. The purpose of using this start stop battery is to turn off the engine when you are waiting for the green signal. When the signal turns green and you push the brake or clutch, it will start the engine itself. In this way, you can save both your fuel, and the emission of harmful gasses is minimized.

Types of start-stop battery

There are two types

Enhanced flooded battery

These batteries are designed to provide constant cycling and meet the power need of entry-level start-stop systems. It is the modified form of lead-acid battery that is designed to provide a constant power supply to car load even when the vehicle is idle. Its cycle life is improved and provides fast charging.

Absorbent glass mat battery

This type of battery is specially designed to meet the power requirement of advanced start-stop systems. These batteries can deliver higher power output as compared to enhanced flooded batteries and are maintenance-free. It provides improved cycle life even when the charge is low.

Start-stop battery Vs other batteries

The start-stop battery is designed to provide constant cycling and bursts of high power. These batteries supply energy to radio, headlights, air conditioning, and all electronic boards. Other conventional batteries cannot be used with such systems and the attempt to use them will lead to the death of the battery.

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