Learn What Is Phom? Detailed Rules for Playing Phom Cards for Beginners

Surely new players will still be confused about the concept of Phom cards? Phom card game rules. But don’t worry too much, because of the information New 88 The following sharing will answer all your questions. If you want to become an expert, don’t skip this article!

What is the concept of Phom?
Understand clearly what Phom is? Phom card game rules will help you experience the game easily. From there, you have the opportunity to win and bring big prizes.
Phom cards can be compared to a Vietnamese folk game. Popularly played in Southeast Asian countries and most popular in our country during the 7X and 8X era. Just like in other types of cards, there will be from 2 to 4 people in a card game and each person is dealt 9 cards, but for the dealer there will be 10 cards.
It also has different names according to each region such as ta la leaves, tu ly kho ta la. When you start playing, you will try to play cards to take your opponent’s cards and create an advantage for yourself.

Instructions for new players on the rules of playing Phom cards

Normally a set still includes 52 cards, but for this game each person will be dealt 9 cards and only the dealer will receive 10 cards, that person is also the first to play. After playing the first card, the remaining players will play the card clockwise. The person who has 3 phoms first will win, or more familiarly known as O.
Each turn, one person will play one card. If the opponent who plays next can take your cards and combine them into phom, they will get to play the previous person’s card.
In case no one can take that card, the next person will pick 1 card from the pile, then depending on your arrangement, you can play down a card that is considered a trash card or maybe a card that was just taken but not create phom.
Continue like this until the 4th turn and start lowering cards. During the closing turn, you need to calculate carefully so that others don’t take your cards. If you are unlucky enough to lose the pawn to your opponent, you will have to pay the card.
Finally, after 4 people have played phom, besides the first player, everyone else can send cards. If your cards combine with other people’s phoms, the more cards you send, the lower your score will be and your chances of winning will increase.
Whoever wins absolutely, the opponent will pay the winner’s bet by 3 or 4 times depending on the regulations in the first game. However, if none of the 4 people has an card, they will begin to lower their cards and compare scores. Ranked according to scoring ranking, except for phom, the player with the lowest score wins.
Above is the concept of what is Phom? Rules for playing Phom for beginners. Please understand clearly to avoid losing all your money.

Information you need to understand when playing Phom

Each type of article has its own common keywords, and in phom there will also be specialized words. So in order not to “lose out”, take a look at the following content to make it easier to play:

    • Phom: Consists of three cards of the same suit (same moves, for example: 3 spades, 3 hearts, 3 diamonds) or 3 cards of the same suit (for example: all cards in order from smallest to largest) )
    • Garbage: Cards that cannot create Phom will be called trash, those cards will be played first and will often be considered by the player as not being able to create Phom.
    •  Venom: After dealing 9 cards to each person, it will be placed in the middle. In case the previous person plays a card and you cannot eat that card, you must pick another card from the pile, and if the next person cannot eat it, you will also pick it.
    • Mom: At the end of the game, if all the Venom has been taken and all players do not have Phom, it will be called a Mom.
    • ù: The player who creates the first 3 phoms is the winner of the game.
    • Taking the pin: After creating 3 phoms, the last remaining card will be counted as the pin.
    • Send cards: From the phom of the previous players, if you have the same odd card as their phom, you have the right to send so that your final score will decrease.

When to win when playing Phom?

If you understand what Phom is? Regardless of the rules of playing phom, you also know when you will be the winner. When playing the game, pay attention to the following:
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1. In a turn, if your opponent captures your card, they will create phom. And if in the last turn when preparing to go down to phom you lose your key card, you have to pay for it. If your opponent wins all 3 consecutive turns of cards and wins, you must pay the cards to all players.
2. When the last person in the round gets the final card, the person who played that card will have to pay for all remaining players’ lost bets.
3. The game will end when there is a Buzz player and the remaining hands must bet on the winner.
4. In case the game has ended and no one has Buzzed, all players must lower their phom and start adding up the points of all of each person’s cards. After submitting, the person with the lowest score will be the winner and the next ranking will be from smallest to highest score.
5. The first player to be dented will be considered the last runner up and bet on the remaining players. In case everyone has the same score, the person who puts down their cards first will win.


Here is all the information about what is Phom? Phom card game rules shared by  New88. Hope to provide you with the necessary information to play cards effectively. Don’t hesitate to log in to the house and look for opportunities to receive huge money today!

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