Learn How to Install the Burglar Alarms in the Apartment

Self-installation of an alarm system in an apartment is a rather complicated process that requires a preliminary study of the legal framework for the location of sensors and the installation of devices. Therefore, it is advisable to hand this to a specialist. Learn how to install burglar alarm below in the article;

It depends on the method of installing the alarm system. Additional actions are:

  • With a swift siren
  • By sending a signal to the security service upon completion of the contract
  • Sending alarms to apartment owners using GMS
  • Activating special protective devices: gas spray, switches, automatic door locks, smoke generators,
  • Transmissions coupled with public services: the police or the fire brigade.

A mandatory component of the apartment’s reliable security system is the presence of:

  • Magnetic touch sensor door opening
  • The motion detector or broken glass
  • Receive and control central devices
  • An additional element is the use of the anti-alarm button
  • Apparently, the alarm system is designed to detect the unauthorized access of an intruder into the premises where it is installed.
  • Facilities (Devices installed in protected facilities)
  • Console (device located on the centralized security console)
  • A key aspect of a security system is efficiency. The following methods should be noted:
  • Reliability – the probability of error-free operation, which is guaranteed by the manufacturer of the device and the quality of its installation.
  • The reliability of intrusion detection is achieved by minimizing false alarms. (Determined by using competent design solutions)
  • Probability of detecting an intruder this is achieved by complete blocking by technical means of vulnerability, the path of possible movement of the attacker.

In addition, https://ajax.systems/es/to increase the efficiency of the security alarm the principle of scope is applied. Like early detection methods, for example, wall blocking with a vibration detector can detect attempts to destroy a wall before it is finally destroyed. You should not neglect measures to improve plant strengthening by engineering and technical means. This includes the metal doors, the grille, the protective glass, of course, to “chain” all objects in the armor. Transmissions can be discarded. But we are talking about a sensible combination of engineering and technical methods and security equipment. Let me explain what was said with a specific example. Criminals can carry half a night of 10mm thick metal shutters, but the alarm goes off only after the window is broken. As practice shows, after a few minutes it is enough to penetrate objects, steal valuables and hide. The detention group will not have time to arrive at the scene. Access to much weaker structures installed from the inside of the room is only possible if the alarm circuit is broken. It takes 10-15 minutes to overcome. Greatly increases the chances of incarceration.

The psychological factor should also be taken into account – competent criminals always assess the quality of the protection of objects if properly installed the risk would be unreasonable.

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Alarm circuit

It should be said right away that a general diagram of the construction of a security alarm system is given here – what lies between the structure and the basics. The connection of specific devices and detectors is carried out according to the scheme specified in the technical documentation. However, the general principles of the arrangement of transmission circuits are already in place and are described, for example, on this page.

So, the classic version of the burglar alarm scheme for a summer cottage, house, or apartment is shown in Fig. 1.

  • The control device (panel)
  • Power unit,
  • Optical-electronic detector,
  • Sound detector,
  • Magnetic touch sensor,
  • Sound and light

The warning signal of the 1st line of defense (perimeter) blocks the window. (For breakage – with sound, for opening – with magnetic contact detector), as well as emergency exit doors, hatches if necessary, vibration sensors can be included. (Not shown in the diagram) to detect wall breakage

The second line of the security system consists of optoelectronic devices. (The working principle of volume, surface and beam) radio and ultrasonic detectors can be installed instead of them or together. Again, in order not to mess up the diagram, I didn’t specify. The entrance (working) door is connected separately. This is due to the fact that in order to prevent the alarm from being triggered when the object is closed and opened. So the response delay is set on this loop and if the device’s arming and disarming is done from outside the room, for example using the. It is worth noting that this option is quite acceptable for a summer house or a small apartment. 

This is explained for the following reasons:

  • Ease of possible localization of the location of the drill;
  • Make troubleshooting easier
  • Alarm device
  • The composition of the alarm device includes at least:
  • Detector;
  • Receiving and control equipment
  • Power supply
  • Siren;

Notification Sending System (SPI) Object Section

Burglar alarm detector designed to detect unauthorized intrusion on protected objects. This device differs according to the principle of operation, respectively, in its purpose and ability to solve the problem of regulating the internal volume of the building destruction of building structures opening windows, doors, etc.

Next, an important part of the device is a control and monitoring device that processes the information received from the detector and controls other security alarm devices. They are classified according to different parameters, more details are written on this.

  • The power supply has two main functions:
  • Supply a transmitter with the necessary voltage for operation from a network of 220 V;
  • In the case of power, failure will act as a backup source

So you can adjust your security alarm through these methods.

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