Is it Easy to Get Polish Citizenship?

Polish citizenship as a legal institution is strictly regulated by Polish law. Current regulations say that it may be granted to any foreigner on his request. However, there are a few common ways of acquiring Polish citizenship. Depending on the type of an individual’s case and its complexity the process may take less or longer. That’s what we would like to focus on! How to get Polish citizenship? Is it easy to obtain it, and where to look for help? You will find more below.

Ways of acquiring citizenship – Who is eligible for Polish citizenship?

As we mentioned before, to acquire citizenship in Poland and, as a result, many duties and benefits associated with it, an individual must submit an official motion in the appropriate institution. Before you decide to take part in the whole process, you need to get to know the fundamentals.

Do you know how an individual may pass citizenship? According to current legal regulations, Polish citizenship is passed via the right of blood (Jus Sanguinis) or via the right of the soil (Jus Soli). The first case applies to individuals born in a family of Polish citizens. Whether you were born in Poland or not, your ancestors passed the citizenship to you, and what’s more, you will also pass it to the next generations. The right of the soil means the child born or found on the territory of Poland whose parents are unknown gets citizenship under Polish law.

Here you have 3 ways of obtaining Polish citizenship:

  • by descent,
  • by full adoption (only applies to a child under 16),
  • by the Grant of Polish citizenship.

Each case is assessed individually! So, if you are still not sure about your eligibility for Polish citizenship, stay with us for a moment. We will give you a few tips on how to become a part of Poland and its nationality.

Polish citizenship by descent

Do you have Polish roots? Do you have any evidence of your family members’ ancestry? Great for you, that’s a good starting point! As you know, citizenship in Poland is passed from one generation to another. We decided to mention it on purpose. In the past, we have encountered some situations in which an individual had no clue about his Polish origin, and even if he knew, he did not have enough proof of that. What is an individual supposed to do in such a case?

First of all, you must prove your origin and the fact that the citizenship of your ancestors was not lost on the way. We completely understand it may seem quite complicated. It is, for sure! What’s important, you do not have to conduct research on your own. Ask for help from the Polish Citizenship Experts – – and let them assess your case. They will not only check your eligibility but also conduct research across archives on your behalf. Reviewing documents such as birth or marriage certificates is the easiest way to confirm an individual’s origin.

Citizenship through ancestry means you are Polish but still do not have your citizenship confirmed. The moment the research successfully comes to an end, you are ready to take part in the Polish citizenship confirmation process. As the Voivode has the competence to confirm citizenship, you must submit an application including the required documentation to the Voivodeship Office.

Grant of Polish citizenship

Grant of Polish citizenship is available to foreigners who are not Polish but instead have strong connections with our country. If you live in Poland, run a business here or speak the Polish language, you are on a good way to finally become a part of Poland. How to get Polish citizenship by naturalization? There is no list of requirements to be met by a foreigner. However, it is worth mentioning the more evidence of your strong links with Poland you have, the better for the whole process.

If it comes to naturalization, you need to lodge a motion at the President of the Republic of Poland Office. As the President has the competence to grant individual citizenship, he is not bound to any deadlines or restrictions. He is the one to decide which factors are sufficient enough to issue a favorable decision.

Is it easy to acquire Polish citizenship? It can be, but it does not have to!

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