HughesNet Joins FCC Program To Deliver Rural Income To Low Income Homes

The Federal Communications Commission made the decision in 2021 to offer a way to help low-income families better afford internet services. Many companies have approved customers who have applied for the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program. HughesNet is one of the latest companies that has joined the list of providers who want to help families stay connected with each other, work from home, and complete assignments for school.


HughesNet is a company that provides internet services through a satellite connection. A dish is typically placed in the customer’s yard so that the customer can obtain home internet services. However, there is usually a data cap in place so that customers can’t use too much internet each month. If the customer goes over this amount, then it could result in speeds being significantly slowed until the next billing period begins. This has resulted in rather high bills for some customers who want to subscribe to the highest internet level provided by the company.


The Emergency Broadband Program allows customers to complete an application online to see if they are eligible for a $50 discount on their internet bill each month. In most cases, applicants are approved as long as they receive government assistance of some kind, their children receive free or reduced lunch, or they can show that they have had a loss of income because of the pandemic. New customers and those who already have services with HughesNet are eligible for the discount. This company has been trying to promote the discounts since the program started and has sought to try to work with customers in every way possible in order to obtain discounts on their bills. The company is also one of the only satellite internet providers that have allowed for the discount.

Customers Impacted

There are at least one million people who could be impacted by the discounts that are offered by the Emergency Broadband Program who also have HughesNet as their provider. The company knows that customers need to stay connected to their employers or schools. Customers also need to be able to contact medical professionals and find out information from media sources about the pandemic and the latest details about how people can get help.

HughesNet Details

HughesNet is listed as one of the best satellite internet providers in the country. There are several packages that are available for customers to choose from when they make the decision to use HughesNet. By participating in the program, customers will be able to continue receiving the services that they have without the fear of being disconnected for not being able to pay, especially if they already have a lower bill.

There is an application on the HughesNet website that customers would need to complete. The company is trying to get to as many applications as it can as soon as possible in order to approve customers. There is over $3 billion set aside by the FCC for assistance. Once the money is gone, then the program will likely end unless the federal government makes the decision to add more funds to the program. Customers who are approved will usually see a credit on their bill in the amount of $50 each month. The remainder of the bill would still need to be paid in order for services to stay on just as customers have paid in the past.

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