How to Plan the Flow of the Essay

You cannot write a great meaningful essay without planning. To achieve a perfect well-written work, you should create a thesis & turn up with your primary argument, so there is no need to incorporate irrelevant details. For example, if I am writing an essay outline, ensure that every section of the paper corresponds to the selected theme. And if I am hiring a writing service, then make sure that professionals will write my essay in advance as the key objective of formulating an essay outline is to simplify the writing task per paragraph. Through an amazing essay plan, you may help your ideas to be set up coherently. When any student has finally planned his five-paragraph essay outline & its persuasion method, he is ready to initiate his writing task.

An effective strategy to create an exceptional essay:

Under the time pressure, you must not have enough plans to extemporize. Developing your strategy & series of actions will let you manage the task quickly and easily. Formulating five paragraph essay strategy in advance would help create the one in a real-time pressured scenario.

  1. Ask a question:

Ask a question is the simplest & most effective way to deal with an issue; if the topic is already given in the question form, then vigilantly read the question/task & think about your approach.

  1. Recognize the thesis:

The thesis means the argument against the specified question & you can’t give uncertain answers such as “maybe not, maybe so” to prove your opinion. You need first to explain what your position is. Make an informative statement you plan to prove through your writing.

  1. Introduction of the paper:

Using fair words can allow your reader to improvise the topic of your essay’s work. The key purpose of the introduction is to lead the readers to the key paper content & attract their attention. Developing a hook statement is the best way to catch the reader’s attention. To complete your introduction, place it in an informative thesis!

  1. Prove the Ideas:

Simplifying the stated thesis is not enough to authenticate the truth. Readers want justification, so to persuade your audience based on your opinion, you must utilize the power of rule three by offering at least three major arguments. Remember that given statements must be presented in the text, aligned from the weakest to the strongest.

  1. Draw conclusion:

Summarize the thesis statement in a conclusive & assertive style. Again go through & finalize the three main arguments you have defended. At last, you must mention the overall importance of your work.


In the future, you will often need to write a short text on any random topic during the exams & you’ll never know what theme you will get in advance. Therefore, it is crucial to create new ideas on any topic effectively and quickly. To become a pro in academic writing, you can practice different examples. Please write a short 5 paragraph essay plan on random topics; you don’t have to make them lengthy or detailed, as the idea is to enhance your skills & automate the order of actions.

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