How to Open a PNG File and Way to Fix Corrupted PNG Files

Photo carries our memories and emotions. We will see the photos after many days or years. An important document from your boss or maybe some family photos you want to see now. Wait, there is a problem. The picture is in PNG format and the png files not opening on Windows 10. Your computer system is having trouble opening it. In that scenario, I will describe to you:

  • Why PNG files are not opening and how to open a PNG files
  • What are the common ways to solve the problem?
  • How can Wondershare Repairit save you to fix corrupted PNG files?

The cause of not opening PNG files

  • Attempting to open a PNG file using faulty software.
  • When a virus infects the system’s storage device\
  • When the PNG file was not correctly transferred into your system or there was a disturbance during the file transfer.
  • Incorrectly deleting the memory card while it is in use
  • When you resize the PNG file on a regular basis

Common ways to solve “PNG files not opening”

There are numerous ways to solve PNG files not opening on windows 10. Here are some of the common ways how to fix corrupted PNG files.

1. Repair or Reset the Windows Photo Viewer

  • Select Settings
  • Select Apps, then Apps & features.
  • In the search box, type Windows Photo Viewer.
  • Click Advanced settings in Windows Photo Viewer.
  • Navigate to the Windows Photo Viewer page and click the Reset button.
  • Select Repair.

2. Turn Off Photo Encryption

Perhaps things will move more smoothly now that your PNG picture is secured if you find these strategies ineffective.

It is possible that you may need to adjust your file settings.

  • Right-click PNG and select Properties from the menu.
  • The Properties page then appears.
  • Select the General option and then select Advanced in the bottom right corner.
  • Uncheck Encrypt contents to safeguard data under the Compress or Encrypt attributes option.

3. In Windows 11/10/8/7, update your Windows Photo Viewer.

  • Select the Settings icon from the Windows Start menu.
  • Select Update and Security.
  • Select Check for updates from the Windows Update menu.
  • Check the box next to Windows Photo, then choose Install Updates.
  • Try to open the PNG file when the update is complete.
  • Restart the system if it does not work.

From my personal experience, sometimes, after trying many options, I was unable to open my expected files. Now it is time to introduce Wondershare Repairit. This software will help you how to open a png file efficiently. An app specially designed for opening files, Videos, and Pictures in both Windows and Mac.

Step 1. Simply start Wondershare Repairit on your Windows PC and navigate to the “Photo Repair” tool in the sidebar.

Now, click the “Add” button to open a browser window. You may now navigate to where your corrupt photographs are kept and load them into the program

Repairit Photo Repair can correct various problems such as pixilated photographs, grayscale images, incorrect coloring, and more. When your images are loaded, thumbnails and other data such as file size, photo resolution, and so on will be shown.

 Step 2. Repair and preview your photos

Click the “Repair” button and wait for the application to use its proprietary algorithm to repair the loaded photographs. When the fixing procedure is finished, the program will notify you of the outcome.

2.1 Preview the repaired photos

To check the results of the repairing process, you can click on the Preview button (the eye icon).

You can also click on the thumbnail of the image to open its preview window. This will let you view the results, and you can check if the standard repairing process was successful or not.

2.2 Advanced Repair (Add a sample image)

If the standard repairing process did not yield the expected results, or the photo repair process failed, you can perform an Advanced Photo Repair. You can directly click on the Advanced Repair button.

Besides that, you can also click on the “Advanced Repair” option on the Preview window of the image.

The “Advanced Repair Mode” option can be found at the bottom panel of the interface when you begin to repair the photos.

To run the Advanced Photo Repair, a sample image should be loaded. Please note that the sample image should be shot on the same device as the corrupt photo and must be of the same format.

After loading the sample image, click on the “Repair” button and wait as the application will fix your photos. You can now preview the results of the advanced repairing mode and can also change the sample photo (if needed)

Step 3: Save the restored images.

Finally, to export your shot, click the “Save” option in the preview window. You may also go back and choose numerous images before clicking the “Save All” option.

The program now allows you to navigate to the precise area where you wish to save the corrected photographs from Repairit.

If you follow these steps carefully, you can fix corrupted PNG files.


From my personal experience, troubleshooting a PNG file is a hassle. In this article, you will fix all kinds of problems of not opening a PNG file. Repairit will help you to open any format pictures, files, videos, etc. You can also change the formats of your picture, file, etc. Repairit will also help you protect your files from any kind of harm and easily fix all these problems.

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