How to Make an Emoji That Makes You Cry (laughs)

With memes spreading like wildfire on the internet these days, smart marketers are seizing the opportunity to capitalize on this viral content.

Honestly, who doesn’t love a good meme? They’re fun, smart, and great for social sharing. As marketers, “meme jacks” (or hijacking of popular memes to describe a specific situation) are used to create interesting and engaging marketing content that showcases a brand’s personality and preferences. This is a great method.

And we can always use more content. In fact, the image used above is just a meme jack for marketers. Read on for more meme examples and tips on how to use your own.

What is a meme?

Take a step back for all the marketers you lost when you said the word “meme”. First, meme is pronounced “meme” instead of “meemee” or “mem-ay” so that it doesn’t sound ignorant at the next marketing meeting or cocktail party. This is because the anonymous Hub Spotter here is known to be misread.

Memes are just concepts, actions, or ideas that are usually prevalent on the Internet. Memes most often take the form of visuals such as photos and videos, but they can also take the form of links, hashtags, simple words or phrases (such as intentional misspellings), or the entire website. ..

Why Meme jacking is great for Marketing

Meme jacking for marketing is useful for a number of reasons. We’ve touched on some of them, but let’s elaborate.

They are already a virus

If a concept is uninteresting, attractive, and very unpopular, it won’t be accurately classified as a meme. So, memes are great for marketing. Instead of creating something from scratch and crossing your fingers to “go viral,” you’re leveraging an idea that’s already been successful.

They make great social media feeds

You know the fuss about visual content these days? Visual content is actually created for social media sharing, and memes are often visually oriented, making them a great feed for social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

They promote traffic, likes and links

Spiderman Laugh memes are worth sharing, so they’re great for bringing traffic and visibility to your social media accounts. Memes drive likes, replies, comments, and shares crazy-your social content is becoming more popular and more likely to be viral on social media.

They are fast and easy to create

Content creation is a daily task for inbound marketers. Most marketing campaigns rely on content (and fresh content), so having some content types that are easy to create are a realization of marketers’ dreams. That’s it for memes. They are easy and usually take very little time to create.

How to Make a Meme: Meme Jack Best Practices

Meme templates are usually very simple (such as those created by hijacking the “Y U NO” meme), so they are usually simple creations. A basic knowledge of photo editing tools like Photoshop (even Microsoft Paint will do) can help you hijack new memes. However, there are many meme templates such as Meme Generator, quick meme, Make a Meme, and more. All of which make it easy to hijack popular memes.

For example, to create a meme for this article and found a tool on so that I could create a meme for the photo

Once you’ve selected your favorite tool, you can choose from a library of blank memes or upload your own tool. You can then choose to customize the text at the top and bottom of the selected image. Then download the new brand meme and post it to the selected channel. If the meme is shared with a larger story or event, add a context. Are you ready to do your own meme jacking? Here are some tips for our top meme jacks.

Try jumping right away

The most successful example of a meme in marketing is when the meme is at a turning point. Memes begin to spread like crazy, but theft is rare. This is the sweet spot of your meme-jaw, because memes are all and they start to feel old after their mother steals the meme.

Social bookmarking sites like Reddit and Stumble Upon showcase emerging memes ahead of more mainstream social networks like Facebook and Twitter to stay on top and keep up with fashion memes. Browse. In fact, all you have to do is stay online and keep up-to-date with the latest memes.

Learn about memes

Before running meme jack, make sure you have a good understanding of what meme is and what it means. The last thing you want to do is offend your audience or imitate something you wouldn’t have if you fully understood what it meant. Luckily, the people on Know Your Memes are often better than popular memes, their history, and fame, so you can be sure if a meme is right for your audience.

Ask yourself, “Will our audience appreciate this?

With the last point in mind, understand that using memos will only be successful in your marketing if your audience appreciates the specific memo you’re capturing. If your audience has nothing to do with memos, they don’t understand or find it funny, whether it’s already popular with a general online audience.

Make sure it is related to your brand

Most importantly, make sure that clearing the memory is not related to the connection. How you capture your post depends on the brand, industry, and more should be related. t. If it’s hard to make a funny memo about your brand, it’s probably not worth it. The most successful statesmen are those who understand the essence of the brand – its industry, communication, mission, motto, etc.

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