How To Fix IGET B5000 Leaking? 4 Solutions That Can Work


IGET B5000 Vape is one of the IGET series, which is a great innovation compared to many disposable vapes.

Although it has a powerful performance and is a high-quality vape, the problem of e-liquid leakage sometimes happens.

Therefore, many vapers are very concerned about it. Then, to meet their needs, I will show you how to fix the IGET B5000 leaking. Just keep reading!

Why Does IGET B5000 Leaking?

Put aside for a long time

The pressure inside the atomiser always exists even if you don’t use the device, so the IGET B5000 always leaks. As the E-liquid builds up more and more in the atomiser core, it will seep out of the base.

Improper use

If the mouthpiece is downward, the e-liquid will flow back to your mouth due to the force of gravity.

Besides, if you vape too hard or fast, the e-liquid hasn’t been fully heated up or converted to vapour. Therefore, you’re inhaling the e-liquid instead of the vapour.

Problems with transport

IGET Rock Vape may be crushed or impacted during transport, resulting in damage to the internal structure, which can lead to leakage of E-liquid.

Damage to the atomiser

When the sealing rubber ring inside the atomiser is missing, the airtightness of the atomiser will be destroyed so that the E-liquid will leak from it.

Finally, I want to say many factors cause that vape e-liquid leakage. If you want to know more, you can read the below-related articles.

How To Fix IGET B5000 Leaking?

Here are the 4 useful solutions to teach you how to solve the IGET B5000 leaking.

  • Take a slow and steady vape

Since IGET Vape B5000 is not required to burn, keeping a moderate vaping speed can inhale the vapour.

Therefore, you don’t need to vape hard or fast. Just keeping a slow and steady vape is enough.

  • Store properly

IGET Rock Vape cannot be left in hot weather for a long time because it may cause the E-liquid to evaporate, leading to IGET B5000 leaking. Besides, the IGET B5000 Vape should not be placed upside down to avoid leakage.

Leaving the IGET Rock Vape in hot weather for a long time will cause the e-liquid to evaporate. So, the correct storage is putting the vape in a ventilated place, and it is best to put it vertically.

  • Choose a high-quality vape

Low-quality disposable vapes are generally not subject to strict quality supervision, so the possibility of e-liquid leakage will increase.

Therefore, be sure to choose a brand as reputable as IGET so that the quality can be guaranteed.

  • Manufacturer Replacement

Actually, a faulty vape can be replaced for free during the warranty period. But if it is considered damaged, you must pay to repair or replace it.

Since the IGET Rock Vape is disposable, it cannot be repaired. Therefore, the best way is to negotiate with the manufacturer for a new one.

How To Check E-liquid Is Leaking?

There are several significant signs that you can tell if the e-liquid is leaking:

  1. External traces: There are obvious traces of E-liquid on the device’s exterior, which may have leaked out from the mouth or air inlet.
  2. Smell: E-liquid has a special smell. It may leak out if there is a nasty smell.
  3. Touch: If the device’s exterior has a greasy feel to it, the E-liquid may be leaking out.
  4. E-liquid leakage traces: If your vaping device is often placed in one place and then you find E-liquid stains in that place, it could be an e-liquid leakage.


How to fix the IGET B5000 leaking? You can try these four measures: take a slow and steady vape, store properly, choose quality and manufacturer replacement.

If all these measures can not work, you can consider buying a new one in the IGET Vape online store.

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