How to Create a Bright and Memorable Album Cover?

An incredible cover for an album, track and podcast will be obtained in just a couple of clicks. Refer to an album cover maker for designing disc covers. You can find a lot of useful elements there that can help you create a beautiful cover that will not differ in any way from the work of a professional designer.

How to make a cover for a track or album:

  • open the “Album cover” template type;
  • choose one of the templates;
  • upload your own photos and pictures, or take them from the built-in gallery;
  • customize graphics, apply stylish filters, and format text with beautiful fonts.
  • save the created version.

You can create amazing album art with the cover maker to promote your music or audio, even if you’ve never experienced graphic design before. Our collection of album covers is made up of professional artwork, so you can create high-quality album art that reflects your artistic essence with just a few clicks.

Create album covers that match your style

For this, you need:

  • modify the image. Add your materials, or use stock from the repository;
  • pick fonts. More than 100 fonts are at your service;
  • replace the background. Find in the catalog background pictures for the ad that will be best combined with the overall composition;
  • calibrate the palette.

Set the color of the lettering and drawings to add the finishing touch.

Personalize your music album cover

Have you recently played an amazing concert? Are you familiar with a talented photographer or artist? Be sure that the cover of the disc, the template of which is fully adapted to freedom and creativity, will go down in the history of your career development. Moreover, creating an album cover based on personal photos.

Engage your followers and future fans

If you’re an artist who uploads a lot of songs to streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, you’ll need a picture for each song. The album cover set allows you to create beautiful covers in minutes, giving you the opportunity to capture the attention of your listeners and free up precious moments for creativity.

Advertise new songs with a song cover

After long and hard efforts in the studios and processing of audio tracks, it’s time to celebrate success with the fans by telling them about the important news in the life of your project.

An album cover is a thing that can sell your music to anyone. The more interest the image arouses in a person, the higher the chance that people will pay attention to your work, which means they will listen to your songs. When it comes to the art of the release, musicians find it easier to record and mix the songs than to package the release itself. From this text, you will learn how the design of the music has changed over time, what should be the picture on the release and how to make the cover for the album yourself.

Musical pictures

The famous American singer Tony Bennett, speaking about the album covers of the 1950s, recalled that in those days, listeners understood that they were holding something beautiful, inextricably connected with art.

VistaCreate is an online application for creating various art, advertising and presentation materials right in your browser. With it, you can design a project without the use of expensive professional programs.

Immediately after registering and logging in, we get to the template selection page. There are templates for publications in popular social networks, covers for blogs and profiles, posters, menus, flyers, invitations, presentations and much more. You can also set your own dimensions.

Now you can choose a suitable theme. There are many professional works to choose from, in which you can edit the necessary elements. But if you are confident in your design skills and have the time, you can choose a completely empty theme and fill it yourself in the editor.

The catalog is extensive, it is quite possible to create a picture of any level of complexity using the available elements. There is also a function to upload your own design elements. They are saved in the user library.

The finished work can be downloaded to your computer, or you can share it on social networks.

It’s safe to say that creating a cover for your own music album is not a very difficult task. In this matter, it is important to understand your idea and imagine approximately what you want to see in the final version.

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