How To Choose Shapewear Bottoms That Best Suits You

How to choose shapewear bottoms? Comfort, degree of firmness, and quality of the fabrics are characteristics that you should value. Shapewear bottoms are designed to shape and stylize the body, but you have to start from a basic premise: the shapewear is an ally and not an enemy that tortures you every time you put it on. 

Wearing the shapewear bottoms excessively tight can be counterproductive and cause discomfort or distress of various kinds, from stomach pain or heartburn to an unpleasant sensation of chest tightness. Also, look for a plus size shapewear tank top

Apart from the benefits that shapewear can bring on an aesthetic level, a shapewear bottom is an underwear garment you probably wear for many hours a day in direct contact with your skin. For all this, not just any model is valid. Therefore, choosing shapewear bottoms is more important than it seems.


What types of shapewear bottoms are there?

In the market, you have an infinite number of models at your fingertips, and the first thing you have to determine is what kind of shapewear bottoms you need according to your specific needs. Following this criterion, three basic categories could be established.

  • Shapewear bottoms for daily use or that you can also buy to reserve for special occasions, in which it is urgent to reduce a waist or abdomen size.
  • Shapewear bottoms for sports practice generally have greater holding power, although they are flexible and light. In addition, some are made with fabrics with specific thermal properties, which increase body temperature to promote the elimination of fats and toxins during exercise. As a result, they are not the most suitable for use outside the scope of intense physical activity.
  • Shapewear bottoms help to cope with different ailments or pathologies. They are not corseted or therapeutic belts but may be designed to help maintain good body posture or to relieve lower back discomfort.

What to look for when choosing shapewear bottoms or plus-size shapewear tank tops?

If your goal is to find an everyday plus-size shapewear tank top or shapewear bottoms that feel like a glove and makes any dress or pants look more flattering, these are the most important aspects that you should check to make the right choice. Slimming shapewear bottoms can be tailored to exert widespread pressure on the abdomen, hips, and waist area; or concentrate their maximum effectiveness on a specific point, for example, on that belly, you want to keep at bay.

Define your needs (reduce the hips, mark the waist, hold the inner thigh) because there are specific models to make every wish come true. You may need a full-length bodysuit, or perhaps panty-style shapewear bottoms, with a semi-rigid front area to achieve the flat stomach effect. Please take a good look at where the garment has its reinforcements because where they are, the girdle will act more forcefully.

The fabric with which it is made is also of special importance. Fortunately, technological advances in the textile industry have made you now have different fabrics that perfectly combine elasticity and resistance, making them the most suitable. Thus, the material with which the shapewear bottoms are made must be soft to the touch, hypoallergenic, and breathable. These are characteristics that will increase comfort and help keep your skin in good condition.

It is especially important to pay attention to those additional pieces that the fabric incorporates, such as internal rods to reinforce the structure, buttons, or hooks. Again, the less the garment includes, the better because they tend to end up causing annoying chafing.

 Choose plus size shapewear tank top

At N-Fini, we adapt to our client’s needs in their wardrobe. Imagine nothing more than a basic of all time, such as the plus size shapewear tank top that at the same time exerts control over the waist, back, and abdomen, and allows combining it with jeans, skirts, or pants preferably, for the working day or leisure time.

Now, considering that there are several types of body: hourglass, inverted triangle, triangle, straight, pear, round, and diamond, N-Fini helps you achieve that harmony necessary to look good and feel good. It is not about perfect bodies. It is about your body, the one you have, and the possibility of giving it the balance to wear shapewear bottoms that you like so much.

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