How to Buy Online Medicines in India?

An increase in apps for purchasing medicines in India has surely increased and popularized.

According to a survey conducted in Delhi, approximately 61% of people chose an online medicine delivery app over their local stores.

People prefer buying medicines in India from apps because of the numerous benefits they receive.

But, if you are new to the world of buying medicines in India from apps, this guide is here to help you out!

Let’s start with a few benefits offered by an online medicine delivery app –

  • Convenience
  • Time-saving
  • Cost-effective
  • Fast and home delivery
  • Customer service
  • Safety protocols during covid-19 times

Since you are new, you need to understand the safe purchase of medicines in India from different apps. It will help you from getting scammed or unwell.

How to purchase medicines in India safely?

  • Look for convenience:

An online medicine delivery app has to be convenient for everyone, irrespective of age, life schedule, or education. It should be simple to use. So, people can easily order their medicines without getting confused or asking for help.

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Too many options complicate the app and make it impossible for the elderly and less-educated persons to understand.

  • Confirm if it is time-saving:

A person uses an online medicine delivery app because of its time-saving benefit. So, the person doesn’t have to wait in a queue to order medicines.

People with busy schedules can order medicines in India within a few minutes from an app. If not, it is better to opt for some other app.

  • See if your app asks for a valid prescription:

You need to check if your online medicine delivery app asks for a valid prescription or not. If it doesn’t, it is better to opt for other apps. It is illegal to sell medicines in India without a valid prescription. An app doing this is nothing but a fraud.

  • Look for the government approval of the app:

Check for the license or registration of the app because it helps you understand if an app is a fraud or not. An online medicine delivery app needs to be registered under the government to sell online medicines.

Check if the online medicine delivery app sells government-approved medicine in India or not. If the app does not sell approved medicines, they might be expired, fake, or unsafe to consume.

  • See if the app provides a range of choices in medicines:

An online medicine delivery app needs to sell various choices in medicines for its customers. In this way, a customer can choose medicines depending on his budget and other requirements.

  • Compare the prices:

Many apps sell medicines costly or inconveniently unreasonably. By comparing the prices between the apps, you can choose an online medicine delivery app that sells medicines affordable for you.

  • Look for various payment options:

An online medicine delivery app needs to provide a cash-on-delivery option with other payment options to build trust within the customer.

If an app doesn’t provide the option, it becomes difficult for customers to trust the app.

  • Look for fast and safe home delivery:

An online medicine delivery app needs to understand the urgency of medicines and deliver fastly. If it doesn’t, you should switch to some other app.

The executives of the pharmacy should deliver medicines safely and sanitize them in the time of covid-19. They should follow all the delivery protocols given by the government.

  • Check if the customer service is competent:

An online medicine delivery app needs to provide competent and understanding customer service for customers. So, they can resolve the issues of customers as soon as possible!

By following this guide, you can easily find a suitable app for yourself!

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