How Six Sigma Certification Creates a Leader and Expedites Careers

Australia’s automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, electronics, and transportation giants have embraced innovative management methods to produce high-quality products and services successfully. Leading Australian companies like BHP Billiton, Snowden Max, Honeywell, IBM Australia, Alcoa Australia, Commonwealth Bank, Medical Systems and hundreds of more recruit experts in this field for their project management and improving quality and delivery of their products.

A Brief Introduction to the Course

Six Sigma is a project management methodology enforced to reduce or eliminate unwanted waste from developing processes of products. It helps deliver the best quality of products and services to attain the highest customer satisfaction and success. It is a data-driven approach used to identify and remove the defects in a product development process. It uses various data analysis and hypothesis testing methods to determine the defects in the project. Some well-known methods include the DMAIC, i.e., Define-Measure-Analyse-Improve and Control and the DMADV method, i.e., Define-Measure-Analyse-Improve and Design. The certification process happens in different levels, namely, the white, yellow, green, black and master black and champion belt levels.

Quality process experts must have the basic yellow belt certification and the master black belt for leading project improvement plans successfully.

How The Certification Helps with Career Growth

Improves Job Prospects for Individuals

Through the training and certification process, individuals gain planning, optimisation, data analysis, hypothesis testing, leadership, enhancing productivity, effective time management, strategic planning and other skills. These skills have great demands in all companies, including entrepreneurship and top-tier ones. Possessing such an advanced skill set along with a recognised certification enables job seekers to stand out among others and obtain sought-after positions in companies and businesses.

Increase Value Across Diverse Industries

One of the most prominent advantages of sigma certification is the exposure to an industry-agnostic methodology that enables individuals to possess skills and knowledge that can be applied in any industry. The methods are used to streamline businesses, increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve employee acceptance in IT, marketing, HR, financial services, banking, telecom, aerospace, and other industries.

Earn Excellent Salaries

Clearing all the levels of the project management strategy and obtaining certification is no easy task. It involves focused study, work experience, developing project management skills. Rising from one belt to the other requires years of work. But the work pays off as professionals who have earned the certification are highly sought-after, given managerial roles and compensated. In Australia, certified professionals earn over 130,000 AUD per year.

Promote to Managerial Positions

Being certified and skilled in project management strategy enables an individual to clearly understand problem assessment, measurement, and quantification of financial benefits to optimise the process. They will be equipped to assess risk, eliminate issues, enhance product quality, maintain customer relations, manage finances, strategise, manage teams, and delegate tasks. These skills are highly valued skills for top-level management and senior managerial positions in companies. These skills enable individuals to apply for management posts or get promoted to them in the company that they are working for. You can visit here to know the Six Sigma yellow Belt certification in Boston.

Gain Significant Job Experience

The Six Sigma certification process involves completing multiple projects by implementing the tools, methods and strategies learnt during training. This provides hands-on experience in quality assurance, customer satisfaction and project management. Having prior work experience enhances the resume of an individual. It helps them apply for and take on management roles to make positive developments in their companies.

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