How Much Does It Cost to Insulate an Attic?

The cost of insulating an attic depends on many factors; therefore differs depending on the current factor affecting your attic. For insulating an attic per square foot, the average cost ranges between $1 and $7. Still, according to professional attic installers like those from attic insulation Chicago IL, the cost of insulating an attic per square is equivalent to a price of about $1,500 per project consisting of its materials and employees. However, because there are many types of attic insulation, small square footage costs $500 and below while those with extensive square footage cost $4,000 and above.

The standard average costs ranges of insulating an attic

Since the price of insulating an attic ranges based on factors, including the type of attic, the square footage of the attic, and more, the standard price ranges are into three classes. They include the lowest, the highest, and the typical average costs. The lowest goes at $1,500, the highest at $3,500, while the standard average stands at $2,500. The amount you pay includes the cost of materials and workers to the insulation process.

Attic insulation cost per square footage

Besides considering the type of attic and size, another factor affecting or determining the price of insulating an attic is its square footage. Moreover, the cost of attic square footage also depends on the type of material you settle for, including:

  • The blown-in

Unlike other types of attic insulation, blown-in insulation is attic insulation where you blow the insulator into your attic space. The blowing occurs using a long hose pipe or other hose element attached to an insulating machine.  Unlike other attic insulation methods, the blown-in is an excellent option, especially if you’re interested in insulation that is superior in its fitting abilities, even in attics with cracks and drill holes. Also, if you decide to insulate your attic via blown-in, you’ve got three types of blown-in insulations to choose from with different costs based on your needs, including:

  • Fiberglass blown-in insulation

If you’re looking for an inexpensive option, fiberglass insulation is your best option. It costs $0.30 per square foot, estimated to be about $170 per project consisting of pay for workers and materials.

  • Cellulose blown-in insulation

Besides fiberglass, another blown-in attic insulation technique you can settle for is Cellulose. It’s more eco-friendly primarily since it uses recycled newspapers and cardboard. It also costs $0.33 per square foot, equivalent to about $160 per project consisting of pay for employees and materials for an attic measuring about 500 square feet.

  • The rock wool blown-in insulation

In addition to fiberglass and Cellulose, another blown-in attic insulation to embrace is rock wool. The process has a dense consistency of materials similar to a sheep’s wool. It’s also the most expensive method considering it costs $1,200, mainly because a single square foot goes at $2.4.

  • Batt insulation

If you decide to go for batt insulation instead of blown-in attic insulation, you’ll pay from $2 to about $4 per square foot. Batt insulation is also an excellent consideration if you install your attic via DIY skills. This is because you can easily install and cut rolls and strips without the help of a professional.

  • Spray foam insulation

Unlike other types of attic insulation, spray form is similar to blown-in insulation. The only difference between the two attic insulation is the materials used. The insulation contains foam, unlike others using bits of attic materials. Because of using foam, the spray foam insulation enables you to infiltrate even the most minor pieces of attic spaces easily, hence controlling any temperature within and outside of your home. As a result, spray foam costs from $3 to $5 per attic square feet.

  • Structural insulated panel attic insulation

Besides the above attic insulation options, the structural insulated panel is your best consideration if you’re insulating a new home. The method is an excellent consideration for a new house because you’ll need a more extensive renovation than simply protecting it, especially when removing things like wood panels and more. Unlike other methods, structural insulated panel attic insulation costs higher, costing about $4 to $7 per square attic footage.

Attic insulation replacement cost

Besides insulating an attic for a new house or when using different methods and materials, the cost of an attic insulation replacement is also an excellent consideration to know. Replacement happens in the attic when you find animal infestation or when experiencing severe water damages. You’ll want to reinstall a new or repaired attic insulation when this happens, hence paying insulation removal charges ranging from $1 to $2 per square foot.

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