How Can You Get The Perfect Ring?

A ring is not an easy piece of jewelry, even if it’s not about an engagement ring (求婚戒指)! It should sit comfortably on your finger, put on to the place, and at the time, be made of suitable material. How not to be mistaken in your choice, we read further.

Ring selection rules

The choice of the ring depends on:

  • the reason for putting it on (or donating);
  • product size;
  • age, status, the appearance of its owner or owner.

How To Choose A Ring

The ring can be worn not only on the “traditional” ring and middle fingers – modern fashion allows you to use any finger. When choosing an ornament for the thumb, keep in mind: it can be almost as large as average, but the phalanx will still be wider, and, sitting freely on the finger, the ring can be difficult to put on and take off.

From time immemorial, a wide and massive decoration (ring) was worn on the index finger or finger, which, however, should not prevent the phalanges from bending.

Important! Often the size of the middle and index fingers are the same. If this is the case with you, you can alternately decorate both fingers with the selected rings. The only exceptions are wedding ring (結婚戒指) options. Which usually require a slightly smaller size. Keep in mind that to get nice diamond engagement rings, you should spend a reasonable amount of time researching both design and sizes.

The most difficult thing is to dress up the little finger – it is the least involved in gestures and manipulations of the hand, therefore the control over it is the least. The risk of losing the ring put on it is great, therefore, tightly fitting products with a streamlined shape are needed.

How To Choose The Size

The first thing to decide before buying a ring from is, of course, the size. After all, jewelry that is too small will bite into the finger, and too large is easy to lose.

The most reliable way to find out your size is to take measurements with a special tool at a jewelry store. But you can cope with the task yourself.

To do this, wrap the desired finger with a strip of paper, thread, tape, or other suitable material. It is important that the “measuring” ring moves freely over the finger and does not get stuck on the joints of the phalanges. Mark the place where the edges of the line meet and cut off the excess material. After that, it remains only to measure the length of the segment in millimeters and divide the result by 3.14. The number will be your accurate ring size.

Remember that hands often swell in the evening or in the heat, so all measurements are best taken in the morning when it is cool outside the window.

How To Match Rings

Often you want to wear more than one ring, but several at once. In this case, it is important to choose the right combination of jewelry. It used to be thought that rings made of white and yellow metals such as gold and silver should not be worn at the same time. But this rule has long been outdated. Today, combinations of different metals can be found even in one piece of jewelry.

The main rule is that the design of the rings should complement each other. For example, you can wear rings of different metals of the same shape. Or choose jewelry with stones of the same cut and color. Another good option is to support rings made of different metals with other jewelry: bracelets, brooches, earrings.

A combination of rings of different sizes looks best on the hand: one large and two or three thin, worn together or separately. In this case, massive jewelry will play a major role, and minimalistic ones will create an excellent background for it. But several large rings should not be worn together. You should also avoid putting jewelry on all your fingers. In both cases, it will turn out rather vulgar and tasteless than stylish.

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