Guide on Choosing Keychains

Originally, the embroidered key ring was particularly appreciated by aviation and skydiving professionals. Designed in ultra-resistant fabric, it is one of our best-sellers. You are free to choose the customization you want to apply: our keyrings are available in uniface or biface.

Qualitative advertising object, this article is essential to clearly display your sector of activity and your products. It is the ideal gift to offer to your customers, your prospects, or your collaborators. Your technique of communication by the object will never have been so conclusive.

The embroidered key ring: an essential advertising goodie

The embroidered keychain is undoubtedly the most timeless and custom keychains customizable accessory. You can decorate it on one or two sides with the image of your company. A real little pocket item, it will allow you to gain customers and retain the ones you already have. If you make it in quality material and give it beautiful embroidery, it will make an excellent gift.

By entrusting the creation of this embroidered key ring to Europaband, you can bet on an elegant and above all refined accessory. Generally, embroidery is a guarantee of the quality of an article. The work is done with precision for an impeccable finish. The added value of your keychain will be revised upwards and it will keep as long as you wish. For your next events, do not hesitate to get some. 

Boost your brand awareness

When you adopt a marketing strategy, the image of your company plays a key role. Branded accessories are an effective way to convey your business. Even if it means doing it, you might as well bet on the right products. Therefore, the personalized embroidered keychain is a good option to ensure good visibility. This will give you the chance to maximize your sales opportunities and enhance your brand, at a lower cost.

The key ring is the type of gift that one can offer to his customers and business partners. Your brand will be spread everywhere, which will attract new prospects to you. And since advertising campaigns are not given to everyone, this accessory proves to be an excellent alternative. Indeed, it is small, practical, inexpensive, and accessible to all companies, regardless of its size. By placing an order with Europaband, you are sure to have products that meet your requirements.

The advantages of the personalized keychain

Do you want to stand out from others? So this embroidered acrylic charm is the essential goodie to be personalized in the image of your company. Why use an advertising key ring? Here are some undeniable advantages:

  • It is a lightweight, handy and stylish marketing medium. Simple to carry, it slips easily into a pocket or wallet. Also, it is available in different colors and many styles to match your event. 
  • It’s a durable accessory: Europaband offers you a keychain designed to last. It is available in multiple shapes, you just have to customize it. Its use is not limited to a given period: you can use it throughout the year, unlike other items such as our vinyl wristbands intended for use for one or two weeks maximum. 
  • It is an easy item to make, especially in large numbers, which is really beneficial for the business. We offer up to 10,000 designs and more on the quotation. 
  • It is an everyday product, visible everywhere, at all times. It is not uncommon to see it on keyrings. 
  • Finally, the embroidered keychain is a very accessible item. Very popular with companies, it is affordable in addition to being qualitative. 

A unique and customizable gift

Super practical, compact, and attractive, the embroidered key ring is immediately recognizable. Indispensable object in everyday life, it will allow your customers to attach their car or house key to it, for example. The whole point of this customizable embroidered item is that it can be distributed at the entrance to a trade show, a congress, a festival, or any other unique event. 

Also, you should know that it is a unique corporate gift that really finds its usefulness on a daily basis. With a width of 30 mm on a total printable area of ​​120 x 26 mm, the embroidered keychain will highlight your logo, your slogan, or an image representative of your activity to increase your popularity. 

The impact of the advertising keychain is important because it will ensure good visibility. In fabric and embroidered, it can be colored and printed in the color of your choice. At Europaband, it has the advantage of being available in large quantities, but above all at a very competitive price. In addition to being an ideal commercial object, it will have its place in the daily life of its recipient.  Opt for the embroidered key ring, and offer a gift that will serve both its recipient and your company!

Preparing Artwork for Custom Keychains

When submitting your order, please include your artwork or include detailed instructions about your favorite imprint. If you are exporting artwork, we need vector artwork or high resolution (300dpi or more) raster artwork. For vector artwork, accepted formats include .pdf, .ai. .svg, and .eps. For raster artwork, accepted formats include .jpg, .pdf, .png, and more. 

When you submit your artwork, the first step we take (even before we pay for it) is to get our technical department to check the skills to see if it is possible to print on your favorite keychain. If for any reason, your artwork is not possible, we will hold you before the money is deducted from your account. In most cases, our technical department is able to convert the images you have sent to usable formats for free. If your image is not used, we will contact you to notify you of the review options before proceeding with the payment or order process. Keep in mind, if you are designing custom design keys that the printing space is very small, so a deep and complex design is not recommended.

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