Grandmaster Nightfall: Quick Guide on the Strategy and Loot

Is Destiny 2 Grandmaster Nightfall an activity you should be stressed about participating in? Well, there is no right or wrong answer. Completing such activities as Destiny 2 Last Wish raid or certain missions and quests is definitely either, but it doesn’t mean that GN is that bad, right? What can be said for sure is that everyone who’s about to enter the Nightfall Destiny challenge should prepare to break a sweat at least a few times. And with this quick guide, you’re likely to do that less!

Top 7 tips on beating Nightfalls

Grandmaster Nightfall activity is filled with challenges that even the bravest and strongest players are not always prepared for. With the help of this guide down below, you will be able to prep yourself better and make sure you know what kind of hurdles and obstacles await  you there:

1. Protective Armor Mods are a must

There are tons of mods that would be great for Grandmaster Nightfalls, and using them is up to you. However, you definitely want to consider decking out with mods that won’t let you do so fast. Make sure you have some protective armor and damage resistance mods equipped.

2. Use a cover

Even if you have all the finest armor and mods on and feel confident in yourself, it doesn’t mean that you’re 100% safe, especially if there are snipers around. Using a cover will help you get some kills without putting yourself in danger. There are tons of places near which you can hide, so finding a cover should not be a problem for you.

3. Communication is your key to success

The Nightfall Strike Destiny 2 challenge, as well as any other activity of this level of difficulty, cannot be completed without teamwork. That’s why you need to not only take action and jump into battle but also to provide your teammates with useful information and other details.

4. Don’t get too close

Keeping your distance will provide you with a few advantages. First of all, you’ll be able to see more while not being very close to the opponent. The second advantage is an opportunity to dodge and avoid receiving any serious damage.

5. Supers are extremely important

Creating Orbs of Power is one of the main things you should focus on. Once you build your team that will be able to keep throwing Supers at all the enemies surrounding you, you will get much closer to winning.

6. Don’t waste your ammo

You don’t want to be in a situation where you need some ammo, but there is none of it left. Even mods won’t guarantee that there will be always enough of it. That’s why you should always save some when you can.

7. Get good weapons

The right weapons are already 50% of success. Nightfall strikes Destiny 2 activity requires full battle-readiness from all its players, and to ensure that you’ll need to get some real heavy-hitters.

Top 4 Weapons to Get in Nightfalls

One of the reasons why Nightfall Destiny 2 activity is so popular is because it brings tons of loot. Unlike many other activities that are more stable when it comes to rewards, such as Last Wish or Vault of Glass raids, this particular one offers a wide range of goodies that rotate every week. This brings us to a question: what weapons should you hunt for while playing Destiny 2 Grandmaster Nightfall this week? Here are our top 5 weapons from Destiny 2 Nightfall:

Hung Jury SR4

However, to make sure you get the most out of it, it’s crucial that you stock up on the right perks. Without them, this scout rifle won’t do much. Firefly Rapid Hit, and Explosive Payload are your must-haves.

The Swarm

This legendary machine gun is an actual legend. It is not a good weapon for those who value speed, since its fire rate is very slow. However, the weapon makes up for the lack of speed by providing you with impressive range stats and impact. Moreover, once you get suitable perks for your PvE god roll (like Vorpal Weapon and Surplus), your MG will become a killing machine that will take down the scariest bosses with ease.

The Palindrome

We all love weapons that can be perfect for both PvP and PvE activities. At first, it seems like this firearm doesn’t even have any flaws. It offers amazing stats and can be paired with many perks. There are various combinations available, and you can use all created god rolls for shooting down other Guardians and beating all possible bosses in different raids, from Destiny 2 Last Wish to Vow of Disciple.

Uzume RR4

A decent sniper rifle almost always guarantees a win-win situation. And this particular title has a lot to offer to a player who still hasn’t found the right SR for their future battles. It is a strong choice for various activities, and thanks to its perk called Snapshot Sights, which allows you to aim down sights very quickly and eliminate enemies in no time.

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