Factors To Keep In Mind When Buying Security Grilles

Security grilles are an excellent method to enhance the security level of your residential or commercial property against potential burglary and theft. They are reliable barriers to prevent intruders from shattering glass and having access to open windows and doors, and prevent them from climbing easily through them. Although these bars are exceedingly durable and able to resist even well-prepared intruders, they are not universal solutions. Therefore, it is advisable to contemplate certain aspects before selecting the appropriate type of safety bar for your needs.


Typically, retractable grilles are installed in a casing that is affixed to the interior of your windows and doors. They can be swiftly and effortlessly drawn shut, and secured at numerous intervals with a solitary key. These barriers are essentially a zinc-coated steel mesh that can be expanded or retracted as needed. Due to their structure, they can be locked even when the windows are ajar, facilitating airflow and proper ventillation.

To ensure safety from fire hazards, it is advised to keep the ground-floor grilles open when you are inside the house. Additionally, make sure that any first-floor windows, which serve as fire escapes, can be easily accessed. It is important to note that locked grilles can hinder the efforts of fire crews and other emergency services during a crisis, whether you are present or not. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the keys nearby the grilles, preferably concealed and out of reach, to avoid being trapped in case of an emergency evacuation.

Other security measures

Retractable grilles are a sturdy yet inconspicuous means of safeguarding your premises. They ought to be imperceptible from afar, and when not in use, they can be retracted and concealed behind drapes and windows. However, once deployed, they will be visible to anyone peering through your panes. Since most burglary happens in the spur-of-the-moment, the bulk of culprits will depart at this stage and search for a less challenging house.

However, the security grilles act as a signal to burglars that you possess assets worth safeguarding. They might opt to search for an alternative entry or wait for another occasion and anticipate that you have left the bars unlocked. Therefore, security bars must always be employed in combination with other safeguards, such as surveillance cameras and burglar alarms. Additionally, being watchful and adhering to good practices is irreplaceable. If possible, avoid leaving valuables in plain sight and do not leave windows open and unguarded, even for a brief period – that is all an opportunistic thief requires.

Damage to your property

Security grilles that are used for external purposes usually roll down to cover the entire window or doorway. They are created for situations where properties require a significant level of protection and visual deterrent, and where aesthetics are not a concern (such as on store fronts after closing).

For residential use, these kinds of grills are better suited for garage doors. Internal security grills are more suitable for home use as they are more inconspicuous. They can still look relatively attractive even when extended and fixed in place.

However, internal grilles won’t safeguard your windows from being shattered. It will still be challenging for thieves to get into the property, especially since they will have to work at the grille fittings through shattered glass. But if preventing vandalism is the primary objective, its better installing external grilles that entirely cover the window.

For most residential purposes, retractable internal security grilles provide an efficient and cost-effective way to secure your property. They are far more attractive than heavy external shutters, which block out the light and are also visually unattractive. However, they are not suitable for every situation. If you are unsure, talk about your requirements with the supplier or another security specialist. Shop at Concertine security grilles, which is a well-known security grilles provider in Yorkshire for all your security grilles needs.

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