Expand Your Vocabulary of Playground Equipment and Terms as In Australia

Playgrounds are an excellent place for developing your child’s learning and mental abilities. It is also a place that attracts kids to play and have fun with no limitations. The bright colours and different configurations can engage kids where they can let their imagination run wild.

However, just like any type of environment meant to be used by children, a playground should also be designed and maintained in a way to ensure the safety of users. Australia is very particular about maintaining the Safety Standards for Playgrounds.

Therefore, if you are planning to get a playground made for your kids then ensure to follow all the safety protocols as mentioned in the Australian playground safety guide.

Playground equipment

One of the main steps that make a great playground is to be familiar with the modern playground equipment and terms. Visit the site of Playground parts, which is a division of Moduplay Group Pty Ltd and has been building great places for children and families to play since 1989. They are the actual manufacturers of all kinds of latest and modern equipment and accessories for Australian playgrounds.

You will get a full range of commercially graded swing seats, and playground slides for most brands of playground equipment. The company specialises in offering the most comprehensive range of spare parts and specialised fasteners for Australian playgrounds.

They have designed their website to help their customers get what they want faster and easier by displaying a detailed catalogue of the playground parts. They can also arrange for some particular playground parts of your choice and get back to you with the details.

Common playground equipment names

You may notice that some of your old favourites have been updated in appearance and renamed as per the modern requirements. The Australian safety guidelines for playground standards are uniformly implemented, whether it is about the playground equipment or surfacing materials.

Some of the familiar items in Australian playgrounds are still there, but might be installed at new sites.

  • Merry-go-round: also known as roundabouts or carousels.
  • Seesaw: also known as a teeter-totter.
  • Giant Stride
  • Monkey Bars
  • Still rings

Modern playground equipment names

Playgrounds in Australia have evolved over the years to include more safety and accessibility features for kids. Some of the modern playground equipment names are as follows:


The classic swing is still there in Australian playgrounds both with seat belts and bucket seats but there are many more swings to choose from like:

  • Accelerator swings
  • Generation swings
  • Viper swings
  • Inclusive swing seat


Slides haven’t changed much but there are variations like:

  • Open slide
  • Tube slide
  • Free-standing slide

Playground Climbers

This equipment encourages kids to use their muscles and scale to the top of the structure. It can include:

  • Vine climbers
  • Walker climbers
  • Rocks and Log climbers
  • Vertical Climbing walls
  • Noodle climbers

Spring Riders

It has a fun-shaped seating component and a spring placed on the ground.


Merry-go-rounds have upgraded to spinners with variations like:

  • Barrel Ride spinner
  • Tornado spinner
  • Maypole spinner
  • Inclusive whirl
  • Whirl spinner

Having the right equipment in your playground and using playground rubber surfacing is not only about a transformed fun place for kids, but also ensures complete safety for your family.

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