Different Types of Joint Support Supplements

Nowadays it is seen that many people are talking about different types of supplements available in the market. Looking at the situation these days, it has become very fir every person to take help of such supplements to balance the internal nutrient level of the body. The supplements are great for people that have some issues with joint pain. These supplements will help in reducing inflammation and protect the cartilage in the joints. Cartilage is the material that presents in between two bones so that neither of them should rub with each other. This is the reason many experts recommend taking joint support supplements both in artificial and natural form. So that the extra support to the body in proper functioning.

With the rise in the age of people, you will easily find people talking about joint pains. If these are not taken care of on time it might become worst and lead to osteoarthritis. This can cause disability in humans with age. If you facing any such problem, it is highly recommended to get in touch with the doctor immediately and get the right medication to heal the problems.

There are many types of supplements that might help in keeping the joints healthy. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Turmeric: Right from ancient times, it has been seen that turmeric is one of the most popular and effective product remedies that help in treating many problems in the body. Even people suffering from the problem of joint pains are highly recommended to get this in their daily routine. Turmeric has the chemical compound known as curcumin that will help in providing relief from joint pains. Many researchers have concluded that turmeric has always helped in improving joint pains. The person can take this in powder or capsule form.
  • Fish oil: It is one of the greatest sources of omega-3 fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid, and even doscosahexaenoic acid which have anti-inflammatory effects. According to the trusted research, it has been concluded that people having fish oil in their routine faces less of the joint problem later in their life. Even people with this problem are recommended to take them. Mostly the dose of 300 mg to 1000 mg per day can be taken. Rest the person can take the advice of the doctor.
  • Glucosamine: It is a natural component of cartilage which is a substance that prevents the bines from rubbing with each other. There might be some people facing the problem of arthritis that prevents the cartilage breakdown between the bone joints. One of the best supplements to help this problem out is glucosamine. There are two types of glucosamine available i.e. glucosamine sulphate and glucosamine hydrochloride. Out of these two glucosamine sulphate helps in improving the symptoms of pain. So the person can get this supplement and its dose according to the advice of experts.
  • Chondroitin: It is the same as glucosamine that helps in building the building a block of cartilage and will help in preventing the breakdown from osteoarthritis. Many clinical studies have found that taking this supplement on regular basis can help in reducing joint pain and stiffness in that area. This supplement will slow down the progression of osteoarthritis when it is taken for a long duration.
  • SAMe: S-adenosyl-L-methionine is one of the common supplements taken by people who are having the symptoms of osteoarthritis and depression. This supplement will help the liver to produce an amino acid that is called methionine. This has many benefits in the body and the most important one is to repair the cartilage. According to the trusted studies, it has been concluded that taking this supplement continuously for a month has even improved the worst situations. But it will not show instant results, so the person needs to wait for it.
  • Boswellia: This is also known as frankincense which is used to cure the problem of arthritis. The chemicals present in this Boswellia are very active and have anti-inflammatory effects. The clinical tests have resulted that this helps in improving the worse situation of people facing osteoarthritis. The experts recommend to tale this supplement dose ranging from 100 mg to 333 mg in a day.
  • Avocado-soybeanunsaponifiables: According to the name it is referred to soybean and avocado oils that prevent the breakdown of cartilage. This is a great supplement that helps in repairing the cartilage. People having osteoarthritis are highly recommended to have its dose of 300 mg in a day regularly and have seen a good result in the functioning of the body.
  • Devil’s claw: This supplement contains a chemical that is called harpogoside that has many anti-inflammatory effects. The dose of this supplement might range from 600 mg to 800 mg in a day. Regular intake will surely get the most desired results that every person wants to have.
  • Methylsulfonylmethane: It is a common supplement taken by many people that are facing joint problems. The intake of this supplement will reduce the pain and also improves the overall functioning of the people’s joints that are facing the problem of osteoarthritis. Its dose is taken according to the condition of pain and recommendation of the clients.

If you are the one that has a problem in your joints and wants to cure it, it will be better to take the supplement that suits your body type and is recommended by the doctors. Though the regular intake of the best joint support supplements will provide the best results. But with this, the person needs to make some of the changes in their lifestyle. They need to include a lot of water and healthy food. So that all the nutrients can be naturally balanced in the body. So take the food items that are rich in calcium content, so that the bones can be made very strong. Always talk with your doctor before starting taking any of the supplements. So that they can recommend the best for you according to the body type and other health issues that the person might be facing.

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