Designing of Your Home-Dream Into Reality 

When you start planning to build a new house or renovating the older one, it must follow a proper flow process. To make your dream into reality patience, knowledge and technology are required. Normally people tend to hire architectures and designers to build the infrastructure of their house but everybody can’t afford them. Simply by using home design software, a person can make its inspiration and dream into the form of a graphic. There is a lot of home design software on the internet that can be mastered easily.

Flow process of designing a home

Designing a home mainly has two categories which are architectural designing and interior designing.


1. Architectural Design

Architectural design is a concept that focuses on components and elements of a structure by using space and create a coherent and functional structure.

1.1. Basic elements of architectural design

There are seven elements of architectural design, these elements are found in the algorithms of many home designing software

  • The line design element includes actual lines and contour lines
  • The shape element, which is an enclosed area of any shape, may be negative or positive
  • The direction element, either horizontal, vertical, or oblique
  • The size element
  • The texture element, either physical or visual
  • The color element
  • The value element, also called tone or shading, is the lightness or darkness of color to give objects depth and precision

1.2. Steps of architectural design

  • Schematic design involves gathering information.
  • Design development, information from the schematic design is used to build a concept draft. Designs can be easily developed through home designing software.
  • Construction, finalized designs are provided to the constructor to build.

1. Interior Designing

Interior designing is an art and science of enhancing interior space to make it visually more aesthetic, healthier and pleasant for people using that space. Virtual interior designing before the actual procedure is a must, for effective designing and can be done through home designing software.

2.1. Basic principles of interior designing

o Balance

Balance is about creating a feeling of equilibrium by equalizing or approximating the visual weight of objects. Balance is created by shape, color, pattern, and texture. Balance is created in either symmetrical, asymmetrical, or radial manner.

o Rhythm

Rhythm in designing is about creating a pattern of repetition and contrast, by using the same color or shape at different intervals for a visual representation.

o Harmony

Harmony in design is created when all element acts together and create a unified visual representation, it creates a sense of restfulness. 

o Emphasis

Specific points are emphasized to create a fun and interesting picture while some points are kept dull. If all points are enhanced equally the overall picture will be dull and boring.

o Proportion and scale

Proportion is the ratio between the size of one part to another, and scale is how the size of one object relates to another or to the space in which it is placed. The proportion and scale are maintained by dividing equal weight in both verticals.

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