Creating Your Own Vape Juice – What To Have In Mind?

Are you spending too much on vape juice? Or maybe you haven’t found a mix that fully suits your taste yet? Or perhaps you want to try your strength and skills by taking your first steps in e-juice creation? You can combine all these needs to create your mix that reflects what you like the most! You can design your vape juice in the comfort of your home.

Homemade versions of e-liquids

Creating your vape juice allows you to hit precisely your taste and needs. You can determine the specific flavor and strength of nicotine yourself (use a bottle with a dropper for precision), in addition to having full control over the costs of vaping. Such DIY vape juice is a homemade version of e-liquid that you buy in regular stores or online. The same ingredients are used to create the product, even an empty vape bottle or empty juice bottle is no different from the one you buy as the finished product in the store. The difference between a purchased product and one you create is that you have great flexibility to create infinite mixes. Just prepare a vape bottle and start practicing.

Vape bottle storage

Store base fluid in a dropper bottle. The squeezing tip of it will make it easy to add base liquid to your mixes. Stock up on several 100 ml empty liquid bottles. Juice bottle – for the first attempts at creating blends, you can buy empty vape bottles with a capacity of 10 ml, which will allow you to test your recipes at will. Once you’ve created your favorite mixes, the 60 ml empty e-liquid bottle is perfect for making more of your favorite product. For more empty vape bottles, see

Creating your brand with e-liquid bottles

If you have already tried mixing liquids and want to take your first steps in the industry, do it right. You can easily distinguish your brand by creating a good product and giving it personal features: a distinctive logo and good quality packaging. What you need at this stage is a high-quality empty e-liquid bottle, or several of them, and labels. Order them at a printing house, but before you do that, think about what your e-liquid bottle will tell the customer about the product. Each e-liquid bottle can present a brief description of the mix or even a name you make up.

Different combinations of e-liquid blends, different flavors, and strengths can be reflected in the package’s appearance. You can choose from various types of bottles: a vape bottle, a juice bottle, or a dropper bottle. Highlight your products with elements such as colored caps to make your products stand out. Empty juice bottle is the same for every seller, so try to be original.

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