Any one of the various Michigan truck accidents could cause serious, even life-threatening, injuries. While some of these trucks, like utility trucks and tankers, are commercial vehicles, many others do not require a commercial license to operate, so many truckers do not receive formal training before getting behind the wheel.

You might be traumatized and clueless about what to do if you were hurt in a crash that a truck driver caused. Work with a skilled truck accident attorney who can compile evidence against a careless truck driver and other responsible parties and pursue the financial compensation you are entitled to.

Common truck accidents in Michigan

Any truck accident could result in serious, even fatal consequences, but certain types of vehicles are particularly dangerous in Michigan. For instance, a utility truck may not provide the same risks to other drivers as a mail truck, and vice versa. Let’s look at the common truck accidents in Michigan.

Tow truck accidents

Because they are tasked with towing other vehicles, tow trucks frequently carry heavy loads. This implies that the consequences could be disastrous if they crash with a typical passenger vehicle.

Tanker Trucks accidents

Unquestionably, tankers are among the riskiest automobiles on Michigan’s roadways. This is because they are frequently in charge of transporting chemicals, many of which are very flammable.

Rental truck accidents

People who choose to move heavy objects, such as furniture, frequently use rental trucks. Unfortunately, these trucks can be challenging to navigate, especially for motorists unfamiliar with driving bigger cars in Michigan, increasing the risks of accidents.

Utility truck accidents

There are unique risks associated with utility trucks on Michigan highways because they frequently transport cargo or help with labor, such as elevating workers for telephone line installation. A collision could occur, for instance, if a utility vehicle is parked on the road for work and another driver does not notice the warning signs of ongoing road construction.

Garbage truck accidents

According to a recent study, garbage trucks kill more pedestrians and cyclists per 100 million kilometers driven than any other vehicle. This risk ratio is higher since these vehicles spend more time in communities and do not travel as far as other trucks.

The legal obligation of truck companies

In Michigan, specific businesses, organizations, or governmental bodies own different truck types. Therefore, it is required of these businesses by law that they:

  • Employ drivers with a history of safe driving
  • Keep their trucks in good condition and have them inspected.
  • Those who drive disobeying safety standards or rules should be reprimanded or fired.
  • Observe all applicable state and local regulations regarding trucking.
  • Educate them on the value of safety for their driving
  • Train truck drivers properly

Unfortunately, many trucking businesses frequently fail to consider these safety precautions before permitting their personnel to travel while performing their jobs.


Crashes and accidents increase significantly when a business is careless, whether out of a desire to save money or ignorance. If a business disregards its legal responsibilities, it may be held accountable for any accidents in Michigan involving one of its trucks.

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